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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Wyrd Talks - Episode 2

Hey Pals,

We're back with another Vlog, and to share more detail with you about our straw bale house design. We got such a great reception to our previous, and first ever, vlog that it's really encouraged us to make more. It's not always so easy to put yourself out there, but we're determined to document our self-build journey.

Here's our vlog:

Here are some photos to go along with our vlog, so that you can get a visual representation of the shapes and visuals. We will get around to also writing a more detailed blog at some point, and breaking down the design aspects into sections with a lot more detail. For now, feast your eyes on our dream eco home.

Natural Green Roof with Geodome

Cross Section of House Interior

Front Door View

As mentioned in the vlog, here are the contact details for our Architect, Myriam Gutierrez. Her 'About' section on Linkedin is just perfect - 'ACUPUNCTURE FOR EARTH. Dreamy architecture to live in health and harmony with the place in a in a sustainable way'

You can view her CV and more info on her work here:

And the details for Okambuva, the eco building specialists we are working with:


Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Make Do and Mend

I've got to admit, every time I see a pair of ripped jeans I can't help thinking to myself "That needs a damn good mending!"
So when Carly started wearing a pair of ripped shorts it drove me mad, it was only a matter of time before she caved in to my constant requests to mend them for her haha

For this mend I used a variegated pink thread

I backed every weak spot that needed attention with a heavy duty cotton twill, they were offcuts from another project so not only a beautiful print but also super sustainable

The pink thread was almost invisible on the denim, so I hand embroidered a small heart onto one of the darker spots of fabric to help it stand out :)

I like to keep the organic natural form of the holes and follow them with stitching, I feel it makes for a really unique and natural look.

I'm really happy with how this pair of shorts turned out, I'll no doubt use this style of mending again in the future, I already have an idea to transform a pair of jeans that my son has ripped his knee out of and I can use a pair of his old minecraft PJ's that he has grown out of to make him a set of creeper jeans :)



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