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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Never-ending Mending

And I'm back! The blogger app doesn't work for me now, it hasn't been updated in years and will not allow photos to upload any more. luckily I've found a third party app called BloggerPro and I'm back in action again :) So lets have a look at my Never-ending Mending trews.

Sashiko Boro Mending Frugal Thrifting Homesteading
visible mending - back of combats
Last year I stumbled upon visible mending and got a little bitten by the mending bug.
prior to discovering visible mending I would always try to make any repair invisible, as if it was something to be ashamed of. Visible mending teaches us to celebrate the damage and celebrate the repair using bright colours and decorative stitches, and it is also a very forgiving form of mending that even a complete novice can pick up and give it a go. 
 At the time my favourite pair of combats were on their last legs and in desperate need of TLC so before they got to the scrap heap I started practicing some visible mending techniques to pull them back together.

I started at the back where the pocket had a tear in the corner along a stress point

Visibile Mending - Sashiko rear end mend
When I first started mending this set of jean I had never sewn anything other than patches, so I was pretty much making it up as I went along! 

sashiko crotch repair - Mending clothes

The next area that received a dose of my early mending was wear in the crotch area that needed a bit of reinforcement.

Patch repair - sashiko mending
I had a patch with a slight defect but it was perfect to use for the inside of the crotch repair to add some strength and a cheeky hidden message!

sashiko pocket rear end mend

The other pocket also tore out in the corner and I love how visible the progression in my hand sewing is in this image compared tp my first attempt. 
Presstud repair
one of the presstuds on the back had torn out of the flap so a quick magic mending sorted that one out, and on close inspedction one of the poppers on the front was also about to rip out which leads me to the front of the trews.

Never-ending Mending - Front
My last mend on this pair was to immobilise and reinforce a very small rip that was forming above the pocket.

Starburst Sashiko mending
This mend was probably my favourite one. Throughout this project I've really discovered a love of hand sewing and how therapeutic it can be to sit and sew for a while, I'm already planning my next few visible mending projects :)

Do you practice visible mending or do you prefer invisible mending?



  1. I usually go for invisible mending but I love this visible mending approach, I may well give this a go. Nice to see you back, how is the self build project going?

    1. It's coming along slowly but surely. Slow progress is better than no progress right? I've just done a quick update post and will be sharing a lot more now that I've come back to blogging :)

  2. It's good to see you back here. I hope you and your family are keeping well.
    Great job with the mending. I usually try to make mine invisible but I like this idea. X

    1. This is my very scruffy first attempt at mending any clothing, I'll take some photos of a couple of my more recent mends I think you'll really like the more decorative ones that I've done now :)

  3. I can send you my basket full of mending, you are doing this much better than I! I usually go for patches, or (when too difficult to mend) I just cut things up and turn them into a quilt or whatever. Good to see you back, hope all is well.

    1. you should have a look into "Sashiko" its a decorative mending technique that has its historic roots in japan but is super easy and effective for anyone to try

  4. Hi Tricky, hope you and the family are well. Can we look forward to some pictures from the land and any development that has been happening? Take care.

    1. Hi Janice great to hear from you. You certainly can! I've just posted a quick update and as soon as i can pull all the photos off my phone I'll get a few more posts done too :)


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