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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Blogger App Issue

One of the main reasons I have been away from blogging is that I can no longer seem to upload images from the blogger app on my phone? is anyone else having issues with this? It's a major pain to have to upload every single image through my laptop instead of being able to blog from my phone whenever I have a spare minute :(


  1. nice to see youre still with us Tricky

  2. Arh bless you. I got all excited then when I saw your blog pop up. Hoping you're all well. All the best and hope you get sorted.
    I use my camera and download (with a lead) to my laptop. Then cut & paste into a file (new file each month).
    From the file, I just chose some photos. As long as I've saved them in a draft blog, I can access them on my photo and carry on blogging from my phone.

    1. I'm testing out a new app that might solve the issue, i'll let you know how I get on :)


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