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Friday, 27 April 2018

Aurora's Birthday - Mundomar

On Sunday our littlest wildling Aurora turned 3 years old. Funds are at an all time low for us at the moment with every penny going towards the house build but we managed to score two for one tickets at a local(ish) animal park so we set off with a packed lunch for our very first visit to Mundomar.

Entering the park

The park is pretty amazing, you can see that a lot of care and attention has gone into the encolsures and the animals are all looked after really well. One thing you will notice about Spain is they are much more relaxed when it comes to interacting with the animals, you are encouraged to get photos with almost every animal at the park and it was of the main ways that they keep entrance prices low and still generate enough income to care for the animals properly

Sitting in the Lemur Enclosure
We got to the park around 10.30 and it was perfect timing for us to see all of the various shows and feeding times around the park. We were really lucky, the weather was warm but not too hot and it is still just out of tourist season so there wasn't too many people which meant we really got to make the most of our visit

Watching the Sea Lion Show
There was a sea lion show, a dolphin show and a parrot show to sit down and watch amongst many other fun activities and feeding times for the kids to get involved with. Logan was really brave and got stuck in with everything, by the time we had left he had been kissed my a sea lion, held a lemur, fed parrots from his hands and been splashed by a dolphin!

Who wants a kiss from a sea lion?
The highlight of the day was of course the dolphins. Watching them with the trainers was incredible, the aerial acrobatics and stunts they pulled off were nothing short of magical.  Dolphins lifting their human trainers up out of the water and doing backflips side by side was a breathtaking thing to behold and you could tell that there was such a bond and level of trust and love between the keepers and animals it was quite an emotional thing to witness.

Logan and the Dolphins
Normally I don't really agree with animals in captivity but in this circumstance I can honestly say the animals are kept both physically and mentally healthy. The park actually pumps sea water in for the animals daily through one of the worlds most complex filtration systems and have specialists constantly analysing the quality of the water and the health of the animals. Generally speaking Spain has quite low animal welfare standards compared to the rest of Europe but in this case I was pleasantly surprised by how high the standards were. I think the look on this guys face says it all about how happy the animals are there:

a happy smiley dolphin
We hope you've all had a magical week and wish you a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by for Five on Friday


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  1. Oh what an incredibly wonderful third birthday for Aurora! Loved that Logan is such an ":animal whisperer!" :-) It does sound like they care for the animals well, and it looks like you all had a great time!

  2. that's a paradise for a little child to celebrate its birthday in an animal park ! I am surprised to read your post, usually the Spanish people are not very nice to animals. Tourists have done a lot to save starving and badly treated animals !

  3. Such fun time. The children surely enjoyed the day..

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