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Friday, 9 March 2018

Five on Friday Catch Up

Hi Guys and Gals,
Welcome back for another Five on Friday.

Since yesterday was International Women's Day I'll kick things off with a recent photo of the two most important women in my life, my wife and my daughter

Carly and Aurora

Rori is growing up so fast, It seems like if I take my eye off her for a second shes another year older!

And of course this weekend is mothers day for the UK too so I'd like to wish a happy mothers day to all the awesome mamas out there including my own, who I havent seen for far too long and miss immensely.

This week I was sent a photo of the toggle I  mentioned in my last post, the customer commissioned me to carve it for the bag of his Tafl set.

Tafl Toggle
Tafl, or Hnefatafl, is an ancient strategic board game that hails from Scandinavia and can be found all over the world in practically any place the vikings traveled to. I love getting customer photos of my items in their new homes, it makes me so happy to know that people all around the world get enjoyment from the things I create.

Speaking of people enjoying things I make, this week I tried my hand at something new - Wooden weapons:

Wooden Viking Weapons

I had a few hours spare so it was all a bit spur of the moment and rushed but I managed to roughly draw out on an old pallet plank this axe and sword, cut them out, stain the handles, spray the blade and axe head with some old silver paint I had lying around and wrap the sword handle with a scrap of leather. To finish off I pyrographed my sons name down the blade of the sword and Voila! Wooden toy weapons fit for a Viking kid. Needless to say Logan has fallen in love with them and will hopefully get endless hours of imagination play with them. I've already had a few people commission me to make a set for their kids after seeing the photos of Logan's set! Next time I'll spend a bit more time drawing out the shape and getting the finish right instead of rushing and they should look really cool :)

Natural Drinking Horns
On the subject of Vikings here's a snap of one of the gorgeous drinking horns I have in stock at the moment, They're so beautiful I just want to keep them all!

Lastly, We've been at it again, making more things out of pallets. I wanted to get one of those mini greenhouse thingys to raise our seedlings in this year so I didn't have to fill every windowsill in the house again but thought that rather than spend £60 on a flimsy one from the garden centre it would be better for us to give making one out of pallets a go. Here is the end result

Pallet Propagator
For the princely sum of  2 pallets and £5 worth of screws and plastic we now have an incredibly sturdy place to keep our baby plants in until they are big enough to go in the ground. I'm very happy with the end result and can't wait to share photos of it when it is full of green new life :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, thanks for stopping by once again for Five on Friday


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  1. Just want to say that your mini greenhouse is far superior to any of the flimsy bought ones. Great job!
    Cheers, Karen.

  2. Love all the wonderful things you have made recently! The toy Viking weapons are so cool...I know Logan must enjoy them so much! Glad you are going to make some to sell after fine-tuning. Love the drinking horn...gorgeous! Everything was awesome. And what a sweet tribute to your wife and daughter (and also your Mom!) That was a sweet thing to do for Women's Day and Mother's Day (I didn't know Britain has a different Mom's Day than the US!) Hope you have a GREAT week!

    No linky again, Tricky! Hopefully it will be there when I check in the morning. :-)

    1. Strangely Spain has a totally different one too, i think maybe every culture celebrates mothers day on a different day?

      The linky is really playing up for me recently, I've fixed it now but i'm not sure why it keeps removing itself from my posts. I know they are upgrading it and there will be a new version soon but I wish they would leave the current version alone in the meantime!

  3. That wee greenhouse is just brilliant, I love it :)

    Sarah M

  4. Your drinking horn is for very thirsty men, lol ! Hopefully the beer is not too strong ! I like your little "green house" for baby plants very much, excellent idea !

  5. I love the pallet greenhouse! We have a few drinking horns and we love using them. Filled one with mead last Yule and everyone at the party wanted to drink out of it! Have a wonderful weekend guys!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. yes - time is running with kids. love your green house :)
    your 2 girls look very elated, as they walk there

  8. Beautiful ladies, Tricky. Great weapons, well done. When I helped at a primary school, I helped a 'sensible teacher' who allowed boys to be boys. Although at school we didn't have weapons in the toy box, if any children 'girls or boys' picked up a stick and treated it as a gun, it was allowed. At the end of the day, weapons are as old as.... well old, they've always been there. My brother had a caps gun with the reel of paper that you load into the gun. Memories, lol. Have a good weekend. Thank you for hosting. Cathy x

  9. I love your green house.. you did an incredible job..


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