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Friday, 9 February 2018

A Dam good time

Happy Friday guys and gals!

I'm happy to report that the inlaws are healing well, MiL had xrays last week and the doctors are pleased with her progress. She will need to keep the cervical neck brace on for another 4 weeks but it looks like everyone will walk away from this terrible accident without any long lasting damage, thank the Gods!

Last weekend was Carly's birthday and after all the stress and hardship we've been through recently we thought we deserved a bit of a break so we returned to Amsterdam for the weekend :)

You may notice the photobomber behind us on the right, my father!

My Dad and his wife accompanied us this year because they wanted to experience Amsterdam and spend some time with us so we all went together. We stayed in Haarlem again because we just loved it so much the first time and were told my several Dutch people that it was the best place to stay in the area. This meant that not only did we know our way around but we already have a few favourite haunts. on the first morning we had absolutely no doubt that we needed to stop at By Lima for breakfast :)

The food in By Lima has got to be some of the best I've ever eaten, they have an extensive vegetarian menu and it is all made using really good, fresh, locally sourced produce. This is the breakfast platter that I had:

We also revisited the Tuschinski theatre, it is one of the most decadent cinemas that I have ever seen, the red velvet loveseat benches are the best way to enjoy a film in luxury with a glass of sparkles and a snack box!

We watched the movie "Downsizing" which was fairly good, I probably wouldn't watch it again but it was certainly worth seeing once. I also found this photo of a cookie monster doughnut on my phone that I had absolutely no recollection of eating!

Cookie Monster!

Of course Amsterdam is not most famous for its breakfasts, theaters and doughnuts. I am completely in love with the coffee shops over there, I love how people can be open about their use of cannabis. The fact that it is a perfectly legal substance and carries no taboo is truly liberating. We visited coffee shops every day almost whenever we passed them, and did not encounter the tiniest hint of trouble. Compared to the red light district where lonely middle aged men were throwing up all over themselves and staggering around causing trouble after too much alcohol. By comparison the smokers that had too much cannabis just sat in the corner of a coffee shop giggling to themselves and causing zero nuisance to the rest of the world.  I certainly know which substance I think causes greater harm to humanity, and I'm more than happy to stick with my cannabis.


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  1. Glad everyone continues to be on the mend and you were able to get away and enjoy your trip. That breakfast platter looks delicious. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. So pleased everyone is healing well. I agree that platter looks amazing!

  3. Sorry I didn't join in this week. Looks like you had another wonderful trip! So happy your in-laws are doing well physically. I have to agree with you...alcohol causes so much evil! In moderation it's ok, but I think it's sad that so many tragedies are linked in some way to alcohol! So many damaged and destroyed lives. Glad you had a get-away and that your parents were able to join you!

  4. Glad to hear everyone is healing well and that you had the chance to get away, Cathy x

  5. Glad everyone is recovering from the horrific accident!.
    Don,t agree with cannabis use have seen too much depression, psychosis, suicides due to its use!. Even years later as the damage was already done.
    We all make choices in life, some good some not so.

  6. Hey, Amsterdam looks great and you, too. So glad you are still here on Earth. It's wonderful that you can travel with your parents and have a good time. Our daughter in law's sister lives in Amsterdam and we talk every once in a while about going there for a visit. I think I would love Amsterdam. I fantasize about bailing out of the turmoil here in the US. One maybe should get out before it gets worse and it will get worse, I am sure. Is history repeating itself? At least we live in Colorado, where cannabis is legal although we don't use it. They would like to take that away from us, too, you know. Your thoughts?


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