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Friday, 15 December 2017

Skills for the future, Skills from the past

It was bound to happen sooner or later. This week I haven't done ANYTHING exciting. I haven't been anywhere or done anything interesting, I've spent most of my time at home with the kids watching TV and playing with toys. As much as I'm sure everyone would love to see some photos of me sitting with the kids in a dressing gown it's not quite as glamorous as our usual adventures!

So this week I'm picking 5 New Skills I'd like to learn, maybe 2018 will be the year I tick them off the list :)

For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by archery. I've had the pleasure of practicing with a real bow a few times in the past on various camps that I've been to, but it is on my bucket list to hand make a functional bow and hone my skills with it. A couple of my friends back in the UK are skilled archers and I have a lot of respect for the craft, although I wouldn't hunt with mine

Chip Carving
I love all things wooden and do a bit of green wood carving myself, spoons and beads etc but I would love to learn how to do chip carving, the beauty achieved with intricate patterns using simple geometric shapes always captivates me. Thinking of all the wooden items in my house that I could spruce up with a bit of carving is probably the most appealing aspect of this skill for me!

Leather working
Maybe the only thing I like more than carved wood is tooled leather. I've recently started to pick up some of the tools for leather working and it is the skill I will most likely develop first as it would be a dream come true for me to make awesome viking inspired items from leather, Watch this space ;)

which follows on nicely to...

Mead Making
I've brewed mead before in my teens and it came out very similar to battery acid. I forgot all about it until my 21st birthday then my little brother challenged me to a drinking contest and we ended up drinking 5L of the stuff and I don't remember anything after that, except that I won the contest of course and had a very sore head the next morning! So I'd like to give it a go with more success this time, I love drinking mead and like most things I imagine when done right you end up with something vastly superior to what's available in the shops.

Flint Knapping

As you can probably tell by now I love traditional skills, particularly the primal, tribal types of ancient crafts like flint knapping. I think flint knapping is probably a skill I'll have to take a course for, it doesn't seem like something that could be easily learned from books/videos online etc so perhaps I'll treat myself to a course for my 30th birthday next year :)

What skills would you like to acquire in the future?

Thanks for stopping by for this weeks Five on Friday, we hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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  1. i do have visions of you getting in tropuble for round the house woodcarving , the final straw would probably be the loo seat . Theres also stone masonary thats another dying art with basic tools and plenty of raw materials kicking about

  2. I like leather work. It looks very pretty !

  3. Oh Tricky, I love your list! My husband and I are like that...we always have a half a dozen things we wish we could learn to do! He has always wanted to learn flint knapping. He has always wanted to build a teepee too, but I doubt that will ever happen....too much work! :-) He likes to build and paint plastic airplane and tank models and wants to get back into that. For him, woodworking skills also. For me, I would adore learning to spin and weave...I actually HAVE an 1840s floor model weaving loom that I have never had the space to put up! That's sad to me. My husband gave it to me for Christmas many years ago, and I've never even learned to weave, though it's always been on my list. Love that chip carving you show! That would be something beautiful and creative I would love to do.

    BTW nothing wrong with vegging out with the kids! :-)

  4. I have to ask, Tricky...if you have TV, do you watch Vikings? I love that show so much! I can't wait to see some leather tooled Viking items like the one in the photo.

  5. Your to learn list looks great! Archery is an awesome sport - and challenging. I like leather too!

  6. I like your five ideas.. we are moving forward so fast that we are just forgetting beautiful things from the past..


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