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Friday, 1 December 2017


It's December and I can't wait until Christmas!

There, I said it. You won't find any grouches or grinches here, this family LOVES Christmas and today will be 5 minutes of all things Xmas in the Fast family household.

Because whilst I agree that Xmas has become very commercial in recent years, it doesn't have to be. Sometimes when I overhear people saying that they hate Christmas and they hate the commercialism and they hate seeing Xmas decorations and products in the shops I often wonder what they are doing themselves to combat the commercialism they so despise?

We don't go overboard with presents, the children get a generous amount of gifts but not too many and this year the adults are mostly creating handmade presents for each other. Knowing that the gifts you are given have had so much time and thought put into them by the people you love makes it a much more magical experience :)

This year is also our first FULLY vegetarian Xmas so that will be exciting. Instead of having dates in bacon Xmas morning when we open our presents Carly has been experimenting with making an Aubergine bacon substitute using liquid smoke and various ingredients. I must say the results so far have been amazing, so delicious! For the main event we'll be having a home made nut roast instead of a turkey and my mouth is watering at the thought of it!

This year I have ended up signing myself up for 3 different secret santas too so I get to spread the cheer and make some new friends around the world. I do hope Amy runs her Xmas card swap again this year as me and the children loved taking part last year.

Not our tree but a man can dream. Perhaps once we've built our forever house :)
Normally we put our tree up on the 1st of December as a matter of tradition but this year Carly is in Barcelona doing a course to help take her business to the next level so we sneaked ours up a little early and put it up last week :)

I absolutely love the tradition and ceremony of Christmas, but of course we are breaking a lot of traditions with our veggie Xmas, which means we have all the fun of creating new traditions to take forwards with us in years to come.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?


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  1. Yes, it doesn't have to be commercial. We make vegetarian food, too and the adulds get also handcrafted things. this is much personal.
    tomorrow we celebrate my hubbys birthday and than there are a few more until xmas. so we do enjoy the time.

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  3. I like the idea of a non-commercialized Christmas [for any holiday for that matter]!!! Your tree is beautiful. Wish I could say I was in Barcelona. lol

  4. Christmas doesn't start here until after Alistair's birthday on the 14th. I prefer a fresh tree and if I had a choice, I would decorate it on Christmas Eve and have real candles on it, like we did when I grew up. I love decorating the tree with the children, dancing about to some cheesy Christmas music. It is fun. When I first moved to Britain, I was shocked about all the Christmas hubbub, it paralysed me for a good few years but I am quite used to it now. Have a fabulous first Advent weekend. x

  5. I have always loved Christmas so much! I love the traditional as well as the glitzy...the homemade as well as the surprises! I love all that it means in the gift of Christ to us!

  6. The tree in the picture is beautiful. Hope you'll share a picture of your tree one day soon. I admit to going back and forth between loving Christmas and being a bit of a Grinch. This year, I find myself on the side of loving Christmas and wanting to do it up big. Hope you are having a wonderful first weekend of December!

  7. Sorry I had to delete my previous comment. Circumstances have changed and I wouldn't be able to honour a commitment. Hope you have a happy Christmas

  8. We put up a tree if the kids are coming home for the holidays. Otherwise, we don't as there are only the two of us.

    Hope your wife enjoys Barcelona. I was there for awhile in 77, when my ship went into port for a visit. Nice people. I remember the beautiful black and gold filigree pottery they had everywhere.

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