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Friday, 13 October 2017

Pallet Photo Board

Props and backdrops / backgrounds for photography don't have to cost a fortune and there are some really creative things you can do on a budget if you're willing to womble!

DIY Pallet Photoboard - Photo Background Prop

Last week we showed you the pallet bath that we made, and the Pallet Gate before that, this week I thought it might be fun to show you the photoboard we made up. We now use this board as the backdrop for all of our product photos for Thor's Threads and Lucky Sew & Sew and it really comes in handy to have a beautiful dedicated surface for taking photos on.

As with most of our recent creations the photoboard started out life on the pallet pile

The goldmine that is the pallet pile
We selected a pallet that had fairly close boards to begin with, and to achieve the look we were going for we filled in the gaps with strips of timber cut down from another pallet.

Gaps all filled in 

You can just see in the photo above that we cut small grooves into the wood on the original pallet to give it more of a floorboard look after it was stained

Applying the stain
After sanding the whole thing down we treated the pallet photoboard to a couple of coats of stain to get it looking less like a pallet and more like a photography backdrop.

Finished Pallet Photoboard
And there you have it, the finished photoboard! 

DIY Pallet Photography Backdrop
Here are some of the photo's we've taken on the board recently, they certainly look a lot smarter than just taking them on the dining room table!

Addams Family Patch - Glow in the Dark
Winter Mjolnir Thor's Hammer Patch
Addams Family Patch and Pin Badge

Viking Badges and Golden Mjolnir Patch

Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you, we'd love to hear what sort of props and backdrops you use for your photography!

Have an wonderful weekend, thanks for joining in once again with Five on Friday :)


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  1. Pallets can really be used to so many things! Me too ought to create a place where to photograph... Happy Friday!

  2. it looks great love the colour, would like it as a table top nice and rustic.

  3. That's really cool! I tend to use my kitchen table as a backdrop, it is solid beech. Sometimes I use a yellow armchair, or a quilt.

  4. In Belgium amongst young couples it is very in fashion to make furniture out of pallets ! everything even beds and chairs and it looks great !

  5. I love how your backdrop turnes out. I often use a wooden something like a table or a bench for my photos.
    have a nice weekend

  6. Love your pallet photo board! It looks great. And those wonderful patches...really awesome! Have a great weekend!

  7. That looks amazing, I am flabbergasted as to the uses of a pallet. Inspirational.

  8. Your backdrop looks great! I mostly use our boring kitchen table or a TV tray and sometimes, a blanket. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Nice looking patches. I have a Thor's Hammer I wear around my neck on a cord. It's silver. Doesn't win me any friends amongst the Baptists here, so I keep it under my shirt.


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