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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Handmade Ferro Rod

I forgot to show you this awesome ferro rod I got from Rhode Knives

Rhode Knives Ferro Rod Fire Lighter
Yet another beautifully hand crafted item from Rhode Knives that is hand made in the UK. These type of Ferro rod fire starters are good for many thousands of strikes, work in all weathers and never let you down. Why settle for the cheap crap from china when you could have something as gorgeous as this that really earns it's place in you kit for form and function? And knowing that you are helping a small family business rather than a faceless company always wins hands down in my book.

If you want to check out Rhode Knives you can find them at their Etsy store on Facebook and also on Instagram.

Disclaimer: As always I have not been paid of incentivised for this post, you cannot buy kind words here you just have to cut the mustard and impress us!


  1. Hmm...the fire starter looks very nice...😊😊

  2. A great looking ferro rod, Tricky! I will have to check out their etsy store! I like the hole in the handle to thread a cord through so it won't get lost. We watch the show Alone, and last year one of the survival experts on the show lost his ferro rod and had to go was a terribe shame!

  3. Very smart looking. Afraid mine is the cheap stuff from China, oops! Still, now I know, there's much better ones available. Cathy

  4. the fire starter looks very nice...����



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