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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Honey Stove

Since I've been using it a bit with the kids on our hikes recently I thought it was about time I showed you all the stove I use when out walking. It's The Honey Stove, available from the manufacturer Backpacking Light

Although I had seen them around and heard people raving about them for quite some time I was quite happy using my Crusader Cook Set, but then I received a Honey Stove from my secret Santa on the P2S forum last year!

Honey Stove Pack
Since owning one and testing it out in the real world I am now a convert. I love that it folds completely flat so is easy to find space of in my pack and that I can choose to use only some of the parts to make it lighter or take the whole kit if I need to cook for more than just myself. The fact that it can use almost any kind of fuel also makes it so versatile. If I run out of alcohol/meths/hexamine whilst I'm out this little stove will be just as happy boiling my brew with a handful of twigs.

It comes neatly packed away in a small ripstop bag that houses all the pieces and a little instruction manual to boot.

The Honey Stove package

You can use the panels to created a smaller stove if cooking for just yourself by assembling it in the square configuartion like this...

Honey Stove Square Assembly

Or if you need a bit more oomph from your stove you can use all of the side panels to utilise the hexagonal configuration of the stove

Honey Stove Hexagonal Configuration
The Stove comes with a food grade stainless steel grill grid that you can either stand your pot on or cook food directly on the grill

Full Honey Stove

And just in case that didnt give me enough options, it also has a plate especially to hold a trangia spirit burner when in hexagonal assembly.

Honey Stove Trangia Plate

All in all it's a fantastic compact stove that's perfect for hiking, camping or any outdoor pursuit, it is now my go to stove when I'm out in the wild.

Honey Stove in action out in the wild
So if you have been thinking about buying one I would highly recommend the Honey Stove, There are similare collapsible stoves available slightly cheaper but since I don't own them I cannot comment on their quality, from my experience with it the Honey Stove is incredibly robust and will no doubt last a lifetime. 


  1. What a neat little gadget, no doubt it's going to be well used.

  2. Very neat planning, must be nice to set up a fresh brew etc on the go.

  3. That's a nice piece of kit. have you ever used a rocket stove?

  4. What an incredibly handy item to have!

  5. What nice kit!! I've never heard about collapsible stove.. it'll come very handy while camping...

  6. That looks like a cool gadget to own. My daughter is just moving up to Explorer scouts, lots of camps and day hikes planned. There's a thought for a present.

  7. Really wonderful recommendation! My husband likes one that will use different fuels, and is also compact. We use a Solo stove and a Svea 123 R, most of the time.

  8. I haven't the desire to hike with a stove, but I'm glad I read this post. I just finished the book "wild" and it helps me understand how she cooked her food ( when she did)!!


  9. I like having fun when I am out-of-doors. One thing that makes my expeditions particularly interesting is a backpacking stove. I have never used a honey stove, the one I have is a wood burning stove. I will check this out. I also found an amazing collection of backpacking stoves here:


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