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Friday, 26 May 2017

A British Institution - Five on Friday

There are not many troubles that Britain has not managed to overcome with the help of a humble cup of tea. It is the one stereotypical thing about being English that we cannot escape because it is 110% true. When I wake up first thing in the morning I want a cup of tea, before I go to bed I want a cup of tea and at any opportunity in between the kettle goes on. When someone visits they are offered a cuppa, when you go to someone's house they will invariably offer you one. When I was in the 9-5 world I used to drink so much tea at work I would sometimes be having 12+ mugs of tea per day!

So in these troubled times when everyone could do with a cuppa I thought this week I'd share 5 fun photos for making tea in a more traditional but still modern way.

I give you my tea strainer collection. You can enjoy a traditional loose leaf tea in these beauties or make up your own herbal infusions

Silicone Tea Strainers

I make no apologies for the battered mugs, they are well worn and have heard many of my friends sorrows and joys poured out in front of them. For my friends my door is always open and my kettle is always on for a hot drink and a good chat.

I'll start with my most traditional and least favourite strainer, the leaf:

Silicone Leaf Tea Strainer
The next one is a bit more common these days, wouldn't it be great to be as relaxed as this little guy looks!

This Tea Strainer Man Is One Relaxed Little Dude
The manatee is a quirky one, trying to explain what it was to a 4 year old resulted in me and Logan agreeing that it was "basically an ugly dolphin", but I think it's quite cute to be honest

Manatee Tea Strainer

And then last but not least is this hungry Shark that likes to chomp down on peoples cups, he is the kids favourite

Shark Tea Strainer
Thanks for stopping by for this weeks FAST Five, I look forward to hopping round visiting everyone else's blogs, have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. The tea strainer are really funny, have never seen some. My friends in Eastbourne always drink coffee in the morning (and no breakfast) but then a brunch and in the afternoon tea ! I was really surprised when I went visiting them. And they are both pure English ! I love tea too in the afternoon, but without coffee in the morning I would be a zombie !

  2. I have never seen tea strainers like these, they are fun. An ugly dolphin is quite a fitting description for a manatee although it might disagree, given a chance. When I first moved to Britain, I was expecting a fantastic tea culture with delicate teas and sophisticated tea shops with a huge variety of blends and flushes. I remember being really disappointed to find that everyone I met drank buckets full of builder's tea with milk. Milk! Still makes me shudder. I must have read the wrong books to have such a lofty idea of British tea culture! Before I only ever had herbal teas made from tea bags, never 'proper' tea. I continued to bring back to Scotland my loose tea variations from Switzerland for many years. I'd buy these at my formerly local tea shop. I don't drink tea now, I am more of a coffee person. Anyway, have to get going, we are off for a camping trip in the Highlands. Have a good weekend.

  3. Poor 'ugly dolphin'! I think he might be my favourite, though I've seen the relaxed man in a couple of shops over here and even thought about buying one. I have the metal ball strainers mostly,and noting so cute or quirky as your collection. Purely functional, I'm afraid. Though I do have a cold tea infuser that makes excellent 'iced' tea. Happy weekend!

  4. Your strainers are real fun! :DD

  5. I like your tea strainers. I drink tea or herbal tissanes (from my own garden) all day/every day. lol. Always try to switch over to drinking only from my own herb garden, but really love black tea. I enjoy coffee as well, but after that first morning cup, I am ready to switch to tea for the rest of the day. I have tea pots with built in strainers, and a couple of "in cup" strainers, but none as cute as those you have shown in this post!

  6. What fun tea strainers, uplifting.

  7. Such a great collection of tea strainers. :)

  8. cute tea strainers, i really love a good cup of tea in the morning, sometimes "breakfast" or "very british".

  9. I really love the cute tea favorite is the manatee! I love making a "proper pot of tea" ie boiling the water, pouring into pot to warm it, pour out, pour boiled water over loose tea in the pot (with or without strainer) and sit and enjoy with a scone! :-) But I rarely do this ritual. :-) Mostly I use a "teaball" or even a tea bag in the cup. Faster and easier. The manatee strainer would be such fun!

  10. I love these aren't they great! I have only recently started drinking liquorice tea and I'm hooked on it! I'll have to look our for one of those snazzy tea trainers. Have a good weekend.

  11. I drink coffee here. Couldn't live without it.

    Sorry about the Manchester event. I'm glad you and your family were safe in Spain.

  12. That is a great tea strainer collection.

  13. More of a coffee drinker here but I do enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoons. Great looking tea strainers.

  14. I love a good cuppa too Tricky! And these are so adorable. ;) Sorry I took a break for a while. But it's nice to be back catching up with folks for their 5's. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend! xo

  15. Aww!! lovely tea strainers.. the pictures made me long for a cup of shot tea...:)

  16. Dear Tricky Wolf,
    if I would drink tea, the shark one would be my favorite. I'm drinking sometimes coffee but most often simply milk.
    I wish you a very nice weekend with a lot of tea.

    Many greetings

  17. I LOVE tea and my children joke that my name means "grumpy till I've had a cup of tea". I like the manatee strainer best - I do love a manatee - but I have to admit that I always make my tea in a pot. Earl Grey is my usual tipple so it needs to brew for five minutes. Hope you are having a good weekend. x

  18. What a brilliant idea for a 5 on Friday .... I'm a herbal tea drinker and there's never a strainer that works just right - must be on the look out for these type of fun things.


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