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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Worst Wonderful Wednesday

I had so many amazing photos and things to share with you all, but this morning my phone began playing up again to the point where it was impossible to even get the cursed thing to turn on. As a last resort I had to do a factory reset on it, losing all my data and recent photos which still didn't alleviate the problem. Luckily my older photos were backed up so it's only the last month or so that have vanished. I don't know if it needed an old priest and a young priest or just a very big hammer.

I started the exorcism on my phone at around 8.30am and didn't manage to get it working properly again until roughly 4.15pm. Admittedly I did go out for a couple of hours hike in between to calm my rage and avoid throwing the thing down the mountain!

As you can imagine this put me in somewhat of a foul mood, even on the hike I couldn't take any photos to share of the amazing things we saw because my phone was going cuckoo and restarting itself every second with various error messages. I had just got it fixed when the postman came strolling up the drive to totally turn the day around.

It seems like every time I have a bad day karma balances it out again, this time I received a lovely package from Kymber and Jambaloney over at Framboise Manor. There was this gorgeous card and a box:

A Card From Kymber

Now Kymber told me she was going to send me some of her comfrey seeds and maybe a few other herbs but nothing prepared me for what was inside the box!

A Mammoth Package of Heritage/Heirloom Organic Seeds
I was totally blown away, they are all Organi/Heirloom/Heritage seeds, in no particular order she sent us: Chives, Comfrey, Anise, Milk Thistle, Good King Henry, Penny Royal, Super Shepherd Sweet Peppers, Bergamont, Kale, Kurly Scotch Kale, Oregano, Radish, Red Oakleaf Lettuce, Forellenschluss Lettuce, Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, Pak Choi, Big Beef Tomato, Lupin, Mint, Shelling Peas, Romaine Lettuce,Beets, Spinach, Sugar Snap Peas, Red Malabar Spinach, Lucullus Swiss Chard, Catnip, Australian Yellowleaf Lettuce, Yankee Bell Sweet Peppers, Green Bush Beans, Yellow Spanish Onion, Green Pole Beans, Orange Sun Peppers, Nasturtiums, Lemon Balm, Onions, Sorrel, Borage & Garlic!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Kymber, we are so grateful for all the seeds! definitely made my day after a bad start too! Can't wait to get some of these growing over at the Community Garden so we can share progress photos. Speaking of which, here's a rare non-selfie pic of me working hard in the sun over at the Community Garden Corral

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

We had to put the netting up to stop the plants eating the chickens, vicious things these veggies!


  1. A phone is for making calls and text messages well they are in this house, I use a small camera and download the photos weekly so I dont lose any, What a lovely gift from Kymber looking forward to seeing your garden develop and grow.

    1. We have a great camera but with the lenses it's so bulky it rarely leaves the house, and since my phone is always in my pocket I think I have come to rely on it far too much for convenience sake

  2. What a generous gift and what a great way to be lifted from your frustration! Gardeners have bountiful hearts, don't they?

  3. That was a great package to recieve. Happy griwing.

  4. Wonderful gift, so generous. I use my phone for photos as it has a pretty good camera. I download the photos onto the laptop straight away so that way I can use the ones for my blog and then keep the ones I have as a bigger personal record of the progress of the house and garden, then I delete them from my phone. We hope to have a camera in the summer and then I won't use my phone so much really. (Christmas before last I lost about 300 photos right from the minute we started renovating the house when I got scammed on my computer. In the panic to put it back to factory settings we lost them all instead of saving them; it took me a while to get over THAT!.)

  5. Wow! What a fantastic gift! Kymber is such a sweetheart! It will be fun to watch your garden grow. :)

  6. Cell phones...can't live with the and can't live without them. They do take wonderful pictures, don't they? What a wonderful gift you received. Wishing you all the best.

  7. I know it's a bit late..... but you probably have a setting somewhere that automatically saves photos to the SD card. That way you don't lose your photos when all goes horribly wrong. Can't save your other data though. Sorry!

    Great seeds. I hope they all grow well.

  8. Oh wow! Now that is a wonderful package of happy! Enjoy!

  9. Tricky - we are just so sorry it took us so long to get those seeds to you! but we first had to sit and sort all of our seeds and then we realized we had duplicates and triplicates of we set those aside to send to you guys. i wanted to repackage all of them with our own packages to make it more personal but jambaloney said that if we waited any longer - you guys would never get them and he was right!

    don't do what we have done for years and bite off more than you can chew by planting every single type of seed you have - trust me - we have learned from that mistake! pick out the seeds that interest you the most and/or are of the most use for your community garden and save the rest for next year.

    oh...and that is jambaloney's signature...he always signs Jamie with the happy face and i just now realized how much mine and his writing looks the same - scary!

    we hope that you enjoy these seeds, we wish the best for your community garden - and the idea that your community garden might be growing some of our seeds for hundreds of years to come - that is just too awesome of a thought!

    we send much love to the Wolf Pack! and wish you all the best! your friend,

  10. Tricky:

    I really hope you have great luck with the seeds - i am interested to see well they will do over the pond!!

    take care and enjoy!


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