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Thursday, 9 February 2017

D.I.Y Pallet Chicken Coop

How To Make A Chicken Coop Out Of Pallets
DIY Upcycled Pallet Chicken Coop

For our Community Garden over at the corral we wanted to get a few chickens, but since the project is entirely self financed funds are tight so we try to keep costs as low as possible. There were plenty of pallets in the corral so it made perfect sense to try our hand at making a coop out of pallets.

Tricky and Tel making the pallet chicken coop

Since all of the pallets over there were as old as the hills and no two pallets matched each other we had our work cut out for us to build the chicken coop, we practically had to dismantle and reassemble every pallet. I'm sure if you had newer pallets that were the same size and shape it would be a lot quicker and easier, we just had to adapt and adjust our design as we went along to accommodate for the poor materials!

Putting the pallets back together to become the chicken coop base

After we made a solid pallet base we built the frame of the chicken coop up from that, everyone pitched in to help get the coop built together as a family, the little ones are really looking forward to having chickens to look after!
Aurora, Carly, Tricky and Tel building the chicken coop frame
Tricky, Aurora and Carly having fun in the sun
Of course one of the problems with the sun always shining out here is that it has a tendency to photobomb us!

Beautiful Smiley Faces
By the end of the first afternoon the chicken coop was starting to take shape and looking a little less like a pile of pallets.

Halfway through building the pallet chicken coop
Pallet Chicken Coop Frame with Nest Box
We spent two afternoons building the chicken coop in total, not only did we adhere to the permaculture ethic of create no waste, but we actually built the coop out of entirely recycled materials. The roof material was rescued from the builders skip next door and even the hinges and latches were scavenged from old door frames on the firewood pile and given new life on the chicken coop. Our total build cost for the Pallet Chicken Coop was £3 for a box of screws.

All timber, roofing sheets, hinges and latches are completely recycled materials
All that is left for us to do now is really push the boat out and give the coop a lick of paint or whitewash.

The Completed Chicken Coop Made Out Of Pallets
I quite like the quirky mismatched hinges and handles on the tiny chicken door at the top of the ramp

The finished Chicken Coop built out of pallets
Even the roosting perches are zero cost as we repurposed some suitable lengths of firewood to do the job

Roosting Perches inside the Pallet Chicken Coop
The nesting boxes are built for ease of use so you can check in on them and gather eggs from the outside without disturbing the rest of the coop.

Pallet Nesting Box
door of the nesting box on the pallet chicken coop
And inside we have individual nesting boxes with a lip at the front to stop the eggs rolling out into the roosting area

Internal nesting boxes of the Pallet Chicken Coop

We can't wait to pick the chickens up this weekend and get them settled in to their pallet chicken coop :)


  1. Wow, you did a fabulous job all with found materials. Good for you! How many chickens will you get and will you take them with you when you move?

    1. Hi Janice, We're going to go with 4 chickens to start off with and at the moment we are 50/50 about whether we will take them with us, We think we will leave them behind for the community garden, we will definitely leave the coop behind either way

  2. Great reuse of materials. And love the cost---FREE (aside from the screws)
    Good job, you guys. Can't wait to see it "occupied".

  3. Brilliant, love old wood, I would not paint it, it's a beautiful construction as it is.

    1. haha we were thinking we might paint it to hide how bad it looks! thanks for the encouragement

  4. Fantastic! You never cease to amaze me with your ability to repurpose something from very little. I'm sure the chickens settle in just fine. Have a great weekend. X

    1. Aww thanks Jules, we just try not to buy things if they are simple enough to make yourself

  5. "Making do" with what's to hand is a time honored tradition in the Southern U.S. I'm very impressed with how good your chicken coop looks, and how little you had to buy to make it.

    1. I reckon we would fit in well over there, guess we're honorary rednecks :)

  6. Brilliant. I don't think you should paint it - love it as it is!

    1. Thanks Louise, It's starting to grow on us now so we might leave it as it is

  7. Replies
    1. :) we try. It's not everyone's cup of tea but there is a certain satisfaction to mnaking things out of nothing


    that is how you get 'er done!!

    +++ on re purposing - you guys kick it hard = cheers!

    1. High praise indeed! Awesome to see you over here Jam man, I hope the storm isn't being too unkind to you over there!

  9. Wow, your rustic hen house is brilliant...well done!

  10. Excellent use of pallets. There are so many wooden pallets discarded in this country. Such a waste as there are so many uses for them. Your chicken coop is fabulous and I'm sure the hens are quite happy.


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