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Friday, 18 November 2016

Thursday Tipples

We've been busy making cider again to make sure we'll have some decent tipple for Christmas. If you'd like to have a crack at it yourself I did a post on it a while back: Easy Peasy Homebrew Hard Cider

This time we've started off with two different types, we're experimenting to see which of the supermarkets around here sells the best apple juice for making cider to our tastes. One will be a more Christmassy cider as we're throwing some cinnamon sticks in the mix.


One tip when you empty the cartons of juice, if you pierce the top it will pour out smoothly instead of sploshing out as it gulps in air

As usual we're using balloons as airlocks since they're cheaper and easier than the standard airlock that we also use now and then

We've switched to using cider yeast from The Crossmyloof Brewery, it's the best value for money we've found so far and works like a charm.

Here it is next to the last batch which has now cleared up nicely and is ready to bottle and drink. 

The small dark bottles on the side are the Mexican Style Cervesa we brewed a while back, it's ready to drink now, carbonated up nicely and makes a great cold fizzy pint at the end of a long hard day

Day 18 of the Yogvember Challenge:


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  1. I wonder if you could make moonshine there? It's not legal to do that here but people do anyway. We have country stores that sell "hard cider" but it's getting harder to find.


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