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Monday, 7 November 2016

Shocking Spanish Electrics and Day 7

The wiring in the cave house is DIABOLICAL!

Although there is a circuit breaker there is no earth connection on 99% of the sockets on the house so I wouldn't like to rely on the breaker at all. Carly got a bad electric shock off one of the light switches and it didn't even trip the consumer unit! Logan (who was in the room at the time) was very disappointed that "Mommy didn't light up so I that I could see all her bones like on the TV" and said "If we try again I think I Will see Mommy light up this time" 

After that we've had to upgrade some of the wiring and switches to improve the safety and make the rooms habitable, one of the problems though is that to do anything with the electrics we have to kill the power, and in the cave rooms with no windows means everything has to be done by head torches.

It seems like every time we open a junction to take a look we are met with a Pandora's box of problems. Luckily the Father-in-Law must have been a bomb defuser in a past life as he has managed to decipher the bizarre combination of connections going through the house and replace some of the worst offenders with safer systems, so now we don't have to worry about one of the kids lighting themselves up like a Christmas tree.

 To give you an idea of how bad it is, this is the inside of one of the light switches, consistent with most of what we've found there's wires twisted around each other, bare wire showing, tape instead of connectors and in this case the inside of the switch was burn black from the poor wiring.

But enough doom and gloom, Mondays should be bright colourful and happy so here's a picture of an amazing Vegetarian pie that Diane baked from scratch for us the other day

and some home made oat bread

I actually forgot to fit the blade in the bread making machine when I started this loaf, twenty minutes later I'd just got out of the shower when Diane noticed the blade was still on the kitchen side! I switched off the machine and plunged my hand it to the gloop to fit the blade through the breadmix, restarted the machine and hoped for the best. It all worked out in the end and the bread came out with a great rise

If you're still with us for the challenge well done, you've made it through one week of yoga!

Wasn't so bad was it?

I used to think of yoga as stretching for girls. How wrong I was! I'm really enjoying making the time for myself to do the yoga sessions every day, I think it is equally as good for your mind as it is for your body



  1. Are you renting this house? Shouldnt the owners be sorting it all for you? or at least they should give you a reduction in the payments. I thought because it is part of the EU there would be some form of law about this. Or do they not take any notice over there and it is just here they hit us with all the laws?

    The pie looks lush!

    1. They literally do whatever they like, you'd never get away with it in the UK! however we get this place so cheap that you can't expect too much

  2. Great looking dinner! And bread!
    And over here in the states, the landlord has to do the fixing up. Hope you're getting some kind of a discount on rent!
    And yay for handy father in laws! Lucky you.

    1. there's not much he can't do; building, electrics, plumbing, gas, mechanics....handy man to have around!

  3. The amount of fails I have with my bread making are mind boggling! forgetting the yeast is my favorite one. I then produce a lump of concrete!
    As for the wiring, be careful. maybe invest in some rubber foot wear! No yearly inspection for rentals in Spain then I guess!

    1. nope, totally off the radar, half the places over here don't even exist on paper

  4. We had similar issues with our place when we lived in Naples, Italy for four years. Once we got it all sorted out though, we loved our little villa on the shore. Your kitchen reminds me of ours, with the tile. Looks like things are progressing well, despite the electrical problems.

    1. we've ironed out almost all the issues and now its actually a really cosy place to live in :)


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