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Friday, 25 November 2016

Mysterious Leaves, Intoxicating Liquids and Magical Talismans

Who needs Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them when you've got us?

If you couldn't guess the tree from the leaf I posted yesterday here's the last clues

If you can't get it after this then I suppose I'll have to tell you tomorrow!

We've decanted our first Spanish batch of hard cider after primary fermentation and have decided to add a little more sugar and allow a secondary ferment to carbonate it for us so this time next week we'll have a lovely fizzy cider to drink

and finally after weeks of waiting the very first button badges I designed have arrived and been listed up in our etsy shop today, so if you have a crazy viking in your life these will make them a very happy crazy viking.

The black and white badge is Vegvisir, the norse compass, it is said that a person bearing this symbol will always find their way, and in this day and age I think there are more than a few people that have lost their way and could do with a magic compass to help get them back on track.

The red and black badge portrays the Valknut, the knot of the slain warrior, it is regarded as a symbol of Odin and the afterlife and is said to represent the 9 worlds and be an aid for reincarnation, cyclical relationships and in talismans to ward against evil. To me it represents the connectivity of everything, infinity and immortality.

The last one is a simple but bold image of Mjolnir, the mighty hammer wielded by Thor, God of Thunder. It is a symbol of strength, courage and protection and is widely used in modern Heathenism due to Thor being the "God of the People" as he is the protector of mankind.

Here's today's Yoga link:



  1. One more guess, is it a Plane Tree?

  2. Janice. ..I think you may be right there... just noticed the round seed balls in the tree so I'd say Plane tree too x

  3. Correct, it is indeed a plane tree :)


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