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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Is it a it a plane?

Well done to those that managed to guess the tree from the leaf! I think Jan was the first to get it

Although it looks a lot like a maple, which I thought it was initially from the leaves, but when you look up the round fruit in the photo was a giveaway that it was a Plane.

One of the things we'redoing at the moment is teaching the kids about decomposition, a week ago we filled an 8L bottle with organic material and have left it out in the yard.

 Here it is on day one

And after one week:

I'll keep you updated on what happens to it over the next few weeks just incase you are as excited by mould as the kids are!

Here's another tree to flex the grey matter with, I haven't figured this one out yet so maybe someone will before I do!

Day 26 of the Yoga Challenge



  1. I love the little experiment you're doing with the kids. Nice to see "science" in action.
    I saw once that someone tried to rot McDonalds food and it wouldn't. That would show them about staying away from
    restaurant food!

    1. I've seen similar experiments, I'm tempted to do one for the blog actually like you say it would be a great thing to show the children

  2. At first glance I thought the tree may be a juniper x


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