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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Graphic Design and Day 6

Yesterday I spent a bit of time sprucing up our Etsy Shop and Thor's Threads Facebook Page

The previous cover photo was over a year old so I thought it was about time I updated it

This was the old cover photo:

And here's the new design:

I went with the map theme to tie in with the adventure range of patches we have been doing. My photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired but I'm still pretty proud of myself for making these from scratch.

Here's some of the adventure patches we do in case you missed them:

and on the yoga front........

Day 6

Oh dear......It's Abs day. 

I get the feeling we're going to be out of breath today! Luckily it's another real short one at just under 17 minutes



  1. Hey you guys
    Just wanted to let you know I "snuck a peek" at Day 4--Lower Back and WOW---amazing! I am still going to start at the beginning when hubby and I are done with travel for the winter, but my back has been KILLING ME the past week and so I did this video. Wow. My back made loud cracking noises and I feel SO much better. Sure glad you turned us on to this series.
    And love the patches. You guys have such talent!

    1. So glad that it helped :) Mine was the same, doing the routine almost felt like going to a chiropractor, loud cracks that felt so satisfying, left my back feeling brand new! Once the 30 days of yoga finishes I'm definitely going to carry on even if it is just a once a week back session or something

  2. love the patches. I have a tshirt from Portland Oregon that says something like 'Keep weird, stay weird'. My friend got it for me when she went on a tour of America.


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