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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lucky Sew & Sew

Carly's blog is back up and running now, its been down recently as we were having some IT troubles with the other domain name so have switched it back to blogger until we can sort it out.

Theres a new post up about the new collection, head on over to:

to see some of the photos of the amazing items my very talented wife produces.

Speaking of being lucky, our solicitors estimate that we will exchange on the house within the next 4 weeks, it's all coming along now!

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  1. Your wife is incredibly talented, I've been following along on Facebook and am feeling v envious haha I can just about sew in a straight line 😀
    I can't believe your move Is happening so quickly! you know, I'm quite short, I'm pretty sure I could fit in a suitcase...😉


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