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Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Giggle

We've been so busy recently what with selling the house and Carly launching the New "Lucky Muthah" Range that I haven't had a great deal of time to blog. Rest assured though that the blog won't be forgoten and I have every intention of continuing with it as we move to Spain, buy our land and build the homestead on it.

I thought I'd share something that made me chuckle, It came up on my "on this day" app, it was a year ago that I convinced Carly to agree to keeping quails. For quite some time I had been dropping hints and trying to win her over, and on this particular day I had been sending her photos of cute little fluffy baby quail when I sent her this:

Now Carly jokingly said "If you can make your eyes look like this in real life you've got a done deal"

Unfortunately I am crazy enough to accept such a challenge, so replied pretty quickly:

Luckily my colleague at work that took the photo was already well aware that I am as nutty as squirrel shit!

After that Carly gave in, I built the coop and the rest is history. So there you have it, how the wife was won over on becoming an Urban Quail keeper.



  1. Love it, I am assuming you wont be taking the quail to spain with you

    1. CORRECT! I would take them but as we have to build the house etc first I'll be giving them away and starting again once we're settled in over there and have moved on to the land properly :)

  2. Sounds like you BOTH have great sense of humor.

    Have you found any land yet?

    1. found the land already, literally just waiting to complete on our house and then we'll have the funds to buy the land outright, usually only takes 30 days to buy land out there :)

  3. Humor will help you all make it over the inevitable rough patches in life. It's an important survival trait, especially between man and wife.

    1. couldn't agree more, definitely one of the least promoted survival tools! although humour during the worst and hardest times is a common English trait lol


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