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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Exploring Europe

What a weekend! well, a long weekend. I was off work Friday and we took the kids to the National Trust Property Eastbury Manor House.

Eastbury Manor House is a striking brick-built Tudor Mansion, It was built in the 1570s by a wealthy merchant Clement Sysley, who purchased the land after the dissolution of Barking Abbey. completed about 1573 and little altered since, complete with astonishing original Tudor oak turret staircase built around a newel post made of 3 tree trunks

A shot of the north entrance

We all had loads of fun exploring and  interacting with the exhibits around the house

One of the things I love about visiting the historic properties is the level of self sufficiency they were able to acheive in those days and how common it was to be self reliant, I took a couple of photos to remind myself some of the practices that were commonplace:

and on the subject of bees I managed to snap this busy bumble on the lavender in the gardens of the manor house

By Saturday it was time for me to saddle up and hit the road with the White Wolf Brotherhood Motorcycle Club and head for the border for a road trip through Europe.

Here we're just about to board the Eurotunnel. Riding through France was pretty tense with a very heavy police and military presence along the main roads with armed check points stopping people and causing a lot of traffic so we left the main roads in the end to avoid the congestion and delays.

My home away from home for the weekend, The Slumit Gobi, I have had it for years now and it is easily the best tent I have ever owned, well made, easy to use and very spacious.

After spending Saturday night in Belgium visiting a well known motorcycle club for a massive party,  we headed to Niewpoort to visit the King Albert I Monument and the Nieuwpoort War Memorial which commemorates 566 Commonwealth officers and men who were killed in Allied operations on the Belgian coast during the First World War and have no known grave.

After that we followed the Belgian Coast and went to Dunkirk in search of a campsite before heading home via Calais.

A shot of the bikes how they were all loaded up with the camping gear.

Monday was spent recovering from the long weekend, me and the father-in-law took the kids over to the park and taught Logan about all the plants and insects we could find around the place and little Lo foraged a bag of blackberries from the edge of the wood to take home for mommy and nanny. All in all I had a great long weekend and was very glad to be back in my own bed again! 



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