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Monday, 9 May 2016

Sun and Psychics

This weekend the sun has finally been out if force and we've had a wonderfully hot and bright weekend.

Whilst Carly was upstairs sewing me and the kids finally got the chance to dig up the parsnips and harvest the leeks before it was too late. I was holding Aurora the whole time and had to do everything one handed so Logan helped by snipping off the tops.

I think society is so quick to wrap youngsters up in cotton wool and I know more than a few that will be horrified to discover a 3 year old using a bladed tool, but if we don't teach kids to handle potentially dangerous items and respect them then we are not keeping them safe at all, we are depriving them of life skills and creating a future hazard. I find that the more responsibility you allow a child to have the more they will grow and amaze you

To be completely honest letting Logan use the snips was the safest thing to do, when we moved on to cutting the leeks I tried to use them myself with Logan holding the leeks and he fidgets his hands around so much that there was far more chance of me snipping his fingers than there ever was of him hurting me when we did it the other way round!

Besides that he absolutely loved helping and we had the most fun out there working together, it warms my heart to see him having such an interest in plants and animals.

This weekend we also had a Tarot reading night round at the house by our amazing friend Gareth, The Crystal Whisperer. I won't divulge exactly what was said as we each had our own individual readings, but I will say that as always they were mind blowingly accurate and it was an awesome experience for everyone involved.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on todays post: How much responsibility is too much for children? and Do you believe it the paranormal?


  1. My grandson Sam loves to be in the garden with me, he helps with all task, you are right we have to show children what risk is not wrap them up in cotton wool.

  2. Showing them how to use and respect tools is a life skill, I am not into wrapping kids up in cotton wool, if they learn how to use things under supervision, they are less likely to become curious and investigate on there own


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