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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Quail Eggs: Scrambled on Toast

Today's breakfast is the first time we've used our quail Eggs!

I used a dozen eggs for a  very hearty breakfast. Now since my girls have only just started laying their eggs are slightly smaler than what they will be when the birds get a little older. At the moment about 5 quail eggs equal one chicken egg, but once the birds have grown up a bit the average is 3 quail eggs to a chicken egg.

The eggs are so dainty! they really do look like little haribo eggs. A dozen eggs calls for a lot of egg cracking, and since quail eggs are so small they can be a bit fiddly to crack which is where the quail egg scissors come in to their own:

They are a specially designed set of scissors, you place the egg into them and literally snip the top off the egg so you can pour out the contents

It is such a clean and efficient way of processing the quail eggs, 

So once I'd finished having fun with the quail egg scissors I added some Pink Himalayan Salt, milk, scrambled them and cooked in a saucepan, I don't really believe in microwaving eggs I think it ruins them.

et voila! my very first meal with the eggs from our quails. They taste amazing, I can't quite put my finger on it, they are very rich and delicious, much better than an ordinary chicken egg that's for sure.

So now I'm on the hunt for quail egg recipes, would love to hear from you if you have anything to share on the topic, Happy Monday folks!


  1. I never knew there was such a thing as quail egg scissors - I can see why they're needed though, I imagine if cracked in the conventional way there would be a lot of shell shards in the bowl. If you get a surplus, they pickle very well, and make excellent wee Scotch eggs too :)

    1. yeah, with my caveman hands if I tried to crack them on the side of the bowl I'd likely have egg and shell all over my hands, the bowl and everything else in the vicinity lol

  2. Well done, a home produced meal nothing beats it, love the quail egg scissors :-)

    1. they are so handy! Next time I think I'll have to pull my finger out and have it on home made bread, haven't baked a loaf for a while now and starting to get withdrawal symptoms lol

  3. We eat ours (bought ones) hard boiled. Very dainty!

  4. Hope you kept the egg shells for your garden

    1. Of course! I put them in the composter, great source of bio-available calcium. been considering drying them our and adding them crushed to the surface of the soil, allegedly hinders the slugs and snails?


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