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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Canterbury - House of Agnes

For our anniversary trip to Canterbury we decided to stay at House of Agnes.

The House of Agnes dates back to the 15th Century. It was referred to by name in Charles Dickens’ novel ‘David Copperfield’ as the House of Agnes Wickfield who eventually became David’s second wife.

The house itself is a beautiful 600 year old oddity, with wonky beams and a quirky odd layout, it really has heaps of character. If the walls could talk I can only imagine the tales they could tell us! Why anyone would want to stay in a clinical soulless hotel room when they could stay inside this amazing building is beyond me!

The House of Agnes offers different themed rooms based on various locations around the world, but we opted for the "Canterbury Room"

The Canterbury room allows you to experience a true taste of history and the luxury of sleeping in an antique four-poster bed enhanced with a fabulous memory-foam mattress. Restored to its original wood-beamed state with antique furniture and newly renovated Tudor windows, this room oozes character and charm, it was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Those that follow the blog regularly know that we love visiting historic places and properties with the kids and we absolutely fell in love with the room the moment we stepped into it.

Then it was time for Carly to discover the surprise that I'd ordered a bottle of pink champagne and chocolates when I booked the room, well, it was our anniversary afterall! 
Which reminds me, the staff at the hotel had left us a beautiful card signed by all of the team wishing us a happy 6th anniversary! A very touching gesture

After a few obligatory selfies and a quick play about on a funky glowing chair down in the honesty bar we were ready to hit the town in search of sightseeing and dinner. 

After we'd eaten at great Moroccan and Lebanese Restaurant called Zaytoona, it was already dark outside.

We got stuck in such bad traffic on the way down to Canterbury that we ended up arriving several hours later than we had planned, and although this was frustrating at the time as it meant everywhere had closed before we got a chance to explore it actually turned out for the best. Me and Carly spent the evening wandering around Canterbury arm in arm, exploring the side roads and soaking up the sights of the city at night, the historic buildings illuminated in the dark, it was amazing.

When we got back to the hotel we were ready for bed, and I must say it was one of the most comfortable beds I have ever stayed in. 

The next morning the breakfast was amazing, an assorted buffet of fruits, yoghurt, muesli and juice followed by a cooked Full Kentish breakfast using locally sourced sausage, bacon and free range eggs. It was absolutely divine and really set us up for the day ahead, which we spent exploring the city and cathedral, I'll get photos of our wanderings posted up soon.

 I seriously recommend staying at House of Agnes if you ever find yourself in the area, you won't be disappointed.

As always the opinions in this review are my own, I'm afraid you cannot buy kind words on this blog you just have to be genuinely good!


  1. Happy Anniversary! i noticed you followed our blog so i am returning the favour and glad that i did! i scanned through some of your older posts just to get a feel for you and you seem very much like me and my hubby jambaloney - kooky, wild and free-spirited! i will enjoy going back to the beginning of your blog and reading straight through!

    1. Kooky Wild and Free-spirited, I think that sums us up pretty good! I found your blog through Kirsty's Liebster award and knew as soon as I started looking through it that you were our kind of people, if we ever occupy the same space I think we'd all have an absolute riot, looking forward to reading through more of it and keeping up with you in blogland. Jambaloney is literally the best nickname I have ever heard!

  2. teehee. i just got to your post about your Leibster Award and cracked up laughing that you nominated Pioneer Preppy! he's my good buddy and i nominated him as well - bahahahahahaah!


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