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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Poop machines!

So after building the coop, and finally getting the quails I have an observation on the Quail front: 

They are absolute muck machines!

I cannot believe how much poop they create. I see people in some of the quail groups on FB saying they keep theirs on sawdust and only clean them out once or twice a week. If I only cleaned mine out once a week the quails would be neck deep in doody! (luckily mine are kept on wire so it falls through thank god)

For those wondering, this is how much mess 12 quails make in just 24 hours:

Unless you can clean them out multiple times a day you are definitely better off keeping them on wire and letting the muck fall through to a catch board.

From the permaculture perspective, the problem is the solution, and we will have amazing rich compost with the addition of the quail manure.

It's not a problem for us as it can go in the compost and on the garden, but for those with little or no garden it might be a factor to consider before installing quail in hutches in the garage etc



  1. Oh yes birds are poop machines, in the summer you will be able to let it dry out and powder it then you have a fertiliser you can sprinkle on the soil, great idea keeping them on mesh

  2. Another part of closing the loop - nothing in, nothing out :) Does it not hurt their feet being kept on mesh? I know it's not advised for rabbits.

  3. Good grief that is a lot of poo! haha but a great amount of fertilizer :) And they are soo cute! Catching up on all your posts now :)


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