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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Permaculture Project - One Love Foundation

This weekend was spent at the One Love Centre to carry on with the Permaculture  Design Course. 

This time around we finished up the drainage ditches to take some of the water away from the area , built a basic bridge and installed a living fence by planting LOTS of willow whips all around the communal area. These will eventually act as a wind break and also help to take some of the moisture out of the waterlogged land.

It really seems to be coming along now and it's great to see some visual progress on the site, and always good to spend time with the amazing people that are on the course with me, such a diverse set of like minded people that actually agree with each other is so rare to find and a true pleasure to work with. I'll keep you all updated next time I get a chance to go over there, hope you had an awesome weekend!


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  1. All good skills or you to use I love plating willow so easy to do and has so many uses :-)


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