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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

We've finally gone and done it......

Are we moving forward, or just going back in time to when people didnt rely on a phone to do everything?
This week we finally decided to buy a proper camera. We've gotten away with using the cameras on our phones so far but felt that we needed to step our game up for our businesses. 

A happy bonus to this means I can commandeer the new camera for Blog use!

Knowing next to nothing about cameras we asked my brother for a bit of advice on what would suit our needs and he pointed us in the direction of the Canon 550D

We picked up a second hand camera and a couple different lenses from for a fraction of what they would have cost brand new

We ordered it on Sunday night and it was with us Tuesday morning so can't fault MPB for service. We've had a quick play about with it today, it's going to take some getting used to but i'm sure we'll get the hang of it soon enough. Here are a few snaps we took to test it out

 Some flowers that Logan picked out for mothers day

The Orchids that came to live with us when my nan passed away, still going strong.

Loki, the larger of our two cats. He is convinced he is a dog, comes when called, follows at heel and enjoys playing football. He takes no greater pleasure than to tear through the tin foil and eat my sandwiches if I take my eye off them for a second before I go to work

Lastly Baby Aurora (we mostly call her Rori), our little princess, growing up way too fast and she isn't even a year old yet!!


  1. I still have and use my little camera much prefer it to the phone camera although the phone is useful for those on the spot photos were my camera is not handy, I am sure you will have lots of fun with the camera,

  2. Nice to see Nan's orchid is still going strong x

  3. Nice to see Nan's orchid is still going strong x

  4. I need a proper camera too, I've lost the charger for my little one so perhaps it will be a case of sooner rather than later. Glad to see your putting your new camera to good use.

  5. I think a good camera is important! In fact, I just got a new one too. ;) Congratulations of your decision and purchase. Obviously the right choice because your photos are amazing.


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