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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

P2S Forum

I've been asked a few times now what P2S is so here goes...

P2S - Prepared 2 Survive

P2S is an online survivalism and self reliance forum that differs from most "Prepper" forums as it is UK based (although it does have a small number of members from overseas).

P2S was pretty much instrumental in my personal development, I went there with an open mind and empty head and absorbed the knowledge available there like a sponge. I have met some amazing friends through P2S and certainly wouldn't be heading down the road I am right now if it hadn't been for some incredible people from the forum. Of course all forums when they get to a certain size attract the odd moron, but the admin/mod team have managed for the most part to keep the idiots at bay.

In the years that I have been a member there has always been high levels of activity and a vast wealth of knowledge and content, with so many people with different skills and from different backgrounds it is always well worth a visit.

If you do decide to check it out, just bear in mind that as a new member you don't have access to the full forum, it takes a while before you can see everything on the site. This may seem tedious but it goes a long way to keeping the riff-raff out and is well worth the wait.



  1. Another thumbs up from me; been a member of all sorts of forums, including other prepping/survival ones, but this is the best for me so far :)


  2. I'm sorely tempted, but unsure if I could contribute enough (i.e numbers of postings/ comments etc)
    It certainly looks like a well-managed site.


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