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Friday, 4 March 2016

FAST Food: Five on Friday

For this weeks Five on Friday we've decided to focus on the topic of food!

This week we finally got round to buying a spiralizer because we think it will help us broaden our horizons on our nourishing food journey. So far we've mainly used it for various sweet potato creations, if you have any favourite spiralizer recipes we'd love to hear them, here's a few we've done so far:

First we used the spiralizer to make sweet potato buns to accompany our vegan black bean burgers served with red onions and sriracha mayo. We seriously couldn't believe how good these were, and how "meaty" the burgers were

Then we had Sweet potato noodle coconut curry with fresh mango chutney. This one was my favourite!

This is our take on a Club Sandwich. The 'bread' is made from spiralized sweet potato, then there's grilled peppers, grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled cucumber slices and (our favourite) sriracha mayo.

These were our Sunday morning treat. Buckwheat pancakes with fresh Raspberry sauce. This recipe is completely sugar free, too, and you wouldn't even know it!



  1. Hello, Carly!
    Thank you for this really delicious and inspiring post!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Lovely looking meals, I got one last year and found it great for doing veg to be dehydrated, I did loads of courgetts but not done sweet potatoes will have to give them a go

  3. Your meals certainly look delicious, I really love the look of the burger. Take care.

  4. oh I've been looking at a spiralizer (too expensive for us yet, keeping an eye out in charity shops lol) I saw a great recipe the other day using spiralized courgette as a spaghetti alternative :)

  5. Oh wow this is making me so hungry! The black bean burgers sound delicious, but then it all does. Maybe I should invest in a spiraliser, I have been trying to resist ha! Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. If it is something people are interested in then we'll put more details on the recipes etc with more photos of the food. the Black bean burgers were my favourite

  7. I've been thinking of buying a spiraliser. I wasn't sure if I'd use it much. But those sweet potato 'buns' look amazing.

  8. They all look great - very inspiring :)


  9. Wow! That looks fantastic, am very tempted by such a gadget!

  10. The close-up photos are making me feel hungry. The gadget sounds like a good one for you. Like the idea of the spiralized sweet potato 'bread'.

  11. The spiralized sweet potato buns sound so interesting.

  12. That all sounds really delicious!! I love sweet potatoes so much and I am sure that all of the things you made were really good to eat. Thank you for sharing at Five on Friday, hope that you have a great weekend. xx

  13. Your foods look delicious and so healthy! I do love sweet potatoes!

  14. YUm. I'm still deciding whether to buy a spiraliser (?). You've convinced me.


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