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Friday, 11 March 2016

Fast Five: 7 Months!!

A massive Welcome to the new followers that have joined up with us in the last few days.
The blog has been running for 7 months today and has just passed 9,000 visits, thank you to everyone that reads and comments here, you are all amazing.

Once again it's time to link up with Amy's Five on Friday, in this week's Fast Five I'll show you 5 things in my Daily Carry backpack that go everywhere with me:

First Aid
Safety First! A couple of years ago we went out, Logan tripped over, grazed his knee and cried for a plaster and we didnt have one with us. Luckily a passer by had one and once the magic plaster was applied Lo stopped crying immediately. Since then I have always carried a first aid kit, mostly  for my own children but also so that I can repay the kindness and be the passer by that helps when someone else is in need, which is why I always make sure I am up to date with my first aid certificate too. Coincidentally since my First Aid certificate was done with St Johns Ambulance I am insured to practice first aid outside of work too.

Cook Kit
This one is one of the things I'd rather have and not need instead of need and not have. I keep it allin a Soap and Glory bag, It consists of a cup and stove, litre of water, a pouch of alcohol gel and the basics to have a brew or soup. If there is a power cut at work, a vehicle breaks down or we get stuck in traffic for hours in a blizzard it's good to have the option of something hot to eat or drink. The people that don't think it is a good idea to carry a cook kit are usually the ones that are most willing to accept a hot drink in the midwinter power cut!

Power Kit
As much as we don't like it, life seems to revolve around our electronic gadgets these days. With all the new gizmos and apps on our phones, the battery life on them has never been shorter. Particularly if we are out some place we don't know very well, using the satnav and the cameras on the phones is sure to kill the battery in record time. My solution is a small solar charger with a built in Li-Ion battery. The particular one I carry was about £12 from Lidls and holds enough juice to re-charge my phone twice without the solar and is perfect for keeping you connected whilst on the go, if you so desire!

Shelter Pouch
In an identical pouch to my first aid kit is my Shelter Kit, Consisting of a Waterproof Ripstop Poncho, some Glow-in-the-Dark Fibreglass tent pegs and around 100ft of Paracord. This little lot takes up next to no weight, hardly any space and give me options. If I'm out and about in a downpour I can throw the poncho on over me and the bag, if the wife and kids are with me we can all dodge a rainshower under it and then use it as a groundsheet to finish our picnic when the rain stops.

My EDC kit is full of all the stuff that is incredibly useful in the right circumstances and having it all organised and together makes life a lot less stressful when you desperately need to find one of the items and don't have to search the entire contents of your pack.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend, Thanks for reading!


  1. That's a great kit bag to have on hand. Prepared for anything.

  2. Great stuff to have on hand, my little stove is a biolite as well as being able to cook on it, it also charges up items with a usb, I have played around with it a few times I like it because it takes solid fuel and dosent take much to get it going.

  3. I love this, you are prepared for everything there xx

  4. Great idea and so compact. Hope you don't need to use it though :-)

  5. Such a great kit, I liken it to the box we have in the car when travelling long distances.

  6. A great post! It made me stop and think. Your kit is very comprehensive and compact to carry around. You are well prepared for your own needs and to help others in an emergency.

  7. What a great set of kit to always have by you just in case. I liked your story about the sticking plaster - a sticking plaster always makes everything better in a child's eyes:)

  8. Great advice. I wasn't even aware that there's a solar charger. My next Amazon purchase.

  9. Wow! I''m impressed, you're pretty much prepared for anything.

  10. Whats a plaster? Is that like a bandaid?

    Looks like you have quite the kit there!!! I would add a .357 short barrel and 50 rounds to it but I don't think you have that option :)

    Maybe a big honkin knife?

    1. SEVERELY limited when it comes to firearms here in the UK. And knives for that matter. I EDC the Lansky World Legal which is about as good as it gets over here :(

  11. Great items to have on hand, you are prepared for most emergencies that might happen. Great that your blog is getting lots of visits.

  12. You are well prepared for any eventuality! Mostly I just stick to built up areas so I don't need to be so organised! You would be useful to have on hand for any off roading though! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope that you have a good weekend!

  13. Bear Grylls is sure to be impressed! I know I am & now must get myself better organised for trips!
    Thanks too for your visit & comments! Nice to 'meet' you through Amy's link up!

  14. Looks like you are ready for any eventuality, thanks for stopping by my blog

  15. Gosh! you seem to have thought of everything there, I hope you are around if we ever get stranded anywhere. I hope you don't ever need it though. Hope you are having a great weekend x


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