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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The 5 Year Plan

That's it. We've had it. We've had enough!

As of now we're starting a 5 year plan to withdraw from the rat race and leave the 9-5 world behind.

That gives us 5 years to save up for the property/pay off existing debts and learn the skills we are going to need.

By this time we will be living on a plot of land which we are aiming to be 5-10 acres, mortgage free and only need to make enough money to live and eat. At the moment the two businesses we run would provide us with enough money for food/bills so our farm would then only need to break even, anything above that would be a bonus.

We'll be looking for all the advice we can get from all of the amazing friends we have made in blogland, 

Watch this space, things are going to start moving pretty quickly from here on in as we race to get our selves ready mentally and physically before we dive headlong in to our dream life



  1. Excellent ! :) I had a seven year plan, have achieved most of it now too, which is very gratifying. I may well make more plans/other plans and move on, but I got there mostly. Good luck, shout if I can help in any way :)


  2. oooh how exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress :D x

  3. Looking forward to following your journey to your dream.

  4. I wish you well and look forward to following your plans.
    I had a plan too - but life (read a person) put a stop to it, but now I'm formulating a new plan, you can't give up can you ?

  5. I've been reading all your blog after you commented on the dreadlocks page, would love to have more info about what exactly you've done to get out

    1. (this is Rachel Cochran who was asking you questions about this subject, by the way)


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