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Monday, 22 February 2016

Permaculture Design Course

I spent this weekend sat in front of an amazing old wood burning stove on the first installment of my Permaculture Design Course, 72 hours of learning spread over 6 months that will give me my Permaculture design qualification.
The course is run from the One Love Foundation on a farm in Essex and is lead by Permaculture tutor Graham Burnett. In addition to writing, illustrating and self publishing a number of books, Graham is an experienced permaculture practioner, designer and teacher. He holds the Diploma in Permaculture Design (Dip Perm Des). Graham is a member of the Permaculture Association’s Designers Register, and has run Permaculture Introductory courses, full design courses and specialist courses on vegan-organic gardening and compost toilet building amongst many others. In short,  Graham knows his stuff!
The other learners on the permaculture course come from a wide variety of backgrounds and there is definitely a rich mix of ideas and existing skills within the group. The subject material is delivered in an engaging manner using a variety of visual aides and tools, with both theory and practical work and demonstrations. Despite the massive amount of permaculture knowledge being transferred it never feels like too much to handle and there is always time for any questions people want to ask.
I won't disclose the price of the course, but at the time of writing it is around half the cost of a Full Permaculture Design Course anywhere else, and the people running it are amongst the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. As I had hoped, the course is filling in the missing pieces in my existing permaculture knowledge.
If you have been thinking about taking a Permaculture Design Course In Essex, or taking a PDC in general, then I thoroughly recommend booking a course through Graham's company
As always with my reviews I have absolutely no affiliation to the course and the people running it other than being a satisfied customer.

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  1. Thanks for the review - Graham certainly does know his stuff :) I've been thinking of doing a course, but would have to be online for me. At the moment, it's a toss up between a compost toilet and a permaculture course lol We shall see. Am glad you're enjoying it :)



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