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Friday, 12 February 2016

Five on Friday - Embroidery and Patches


So today's post I thought we would share with you a few of our favourite pictures from one of the businesses we run, our embroidery company Thor's Threads 

 First up is the patch for the White Wolf Brotherhood Motorcycle Club, which I happen to be the President of. Carly actually drew this design up herself years ago when the club was first founded, and I was voted in as President a year or so ago when the previous President stepped down.

Our Second patch I couldn't choose between two of our goddess patches so I thought I'd share them both, they celebrate the miracle of life, fertility and the feminine aspect and I think they're some of the most beautiful patches we do.

Next is the patch for Bitches Cauldron MCC, the only all female club in Essex, we are really proud to have supplied this club and are close friends with the girls, Permission to share their patch online was granted to us by their President.

The fourth patch is one we did that was a custom design sent to us by a client that he gave us permission to continue selling to others after his order, We love the phrase on this one and it is one of our favourites. 

Last up is a small patch that we did a batch of for a really cool company that does Hand-made viking crafts using Wood, deer antler, leather and steel and does carved goods, you can find them over at Fornleidh Viking Crafts

If you want to see some more examples of what we get up to with Thor's Threads you can find us at  or

Short and sweet this week as we've had a lot going on, more on that later ;)



  1. They're all great; I especially love the goddess patch on the right - how do you ell them?


  2. Gosh I never would have guessed that there could be so many different designs! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx

  3. The Goddess patches really are lovely. happy weekend, Tammy

  4. Your business makes great patches! I enjoyed seeing them.

  5. What an interesting business - it's been many years though since I've used a patch.


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