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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Essex Seed Potato Day Reminder

A local event but it is not a bad reminder for those that need to get their seed potatoes in.

I went to the Seed Potato day a few of years ago and it is a great place to pick up potatoes, onions and organic fertiliser from your local community.

It is run by South East Essex Organic Gardeners, full details HERE

From memory last time I went I picked up some Blue Danube, Rocket and Rooster potatoes, unfortunately I never got to see how they did as I gave up the allotment plot that they were planted in before they were ready to harvest due to the birth of my son, but I do hope the next plot holder enjoyed them!

I'm not sure if I'll grow potatoes this year, space is at a bit of a premium for us but maybe I'll give growing them in a bin a go.

What are your potato plans for 2016?



  1. For a few years now we've grown maincrop spuds in the garden, new pots in bags. This year we're just growing new pots....they've always been successful. Maincrop we're giving up on because we've found they get eaten to death by slugs and eelworm. Plus we don't eat them anymore (we're on Michael Mosley's Blood Sugar Diet and maincrop spuds are too carby).

  2. What about ocas instead. Potatoes are so cheap to grow if you're short on space you're better off buying them (except a few for salad potatoes). If you want I can send you a few oca tubers to get started. Good prepper crop - no one would know what they were and they store really well.

    1. Kev that would be very awesome of you, I'll message you details on Facebook, thanks a lot!


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