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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day Out! Ightham Mote - National Trust

A bit pic heavy compared to our usual posts!

As a joint present for Christmas the mother&father-in-law got us a National Trust Family Membership.

 One of new years aspirations for 2016 was that we would try to visit at least one National Trust site each month, but because I had some time off over Christmas we managed to sneak a visit in December between Xmas and new year, and one of the few sites near us that was open at this time was Ightham Mote.

 Ightham Mote is a 14th century moated manor house in Sevenoaks, Kent, described by David Starkey as 'one of the most beautiful and interesting of English country houses'.

Built nearly 700 years ago, this house has seen many changes and been owned by Medieval knights, courtiers to Henry VIII and high society Victorians.

When we went it still had its Christmas theme on and was dressed up in all the decorations of the different time periods, including the grand hall being laid out ready for a typical Christmas feast. We had a really great time but since it was cold and wet out we didn't do some of the trail walks but would definitely love to go again in the summer to explore the surrounding area.

Here's some of the photos of the outing:

Logan practising his map reading

The only Grade 1 listed Dog Kennel in Europe!

What time is it? It's adventure time of course!

Fast-Daddy and Little Logan

Christmas tree in the main hall

banquet table laid in preparation for the Christmas feast!


Fast Daddy & Logan

Fastmomma, Baby Aurora and Little Logan

where they keep the dragons locked up, according to Logan

Aurora having a whale of a time
Logan gives Ightham Mote a double thumbs up!

Logan gives Ightham Mote a double thumbs up, We definitely recommend that you visit if you're ever in the area :)


  1. We've been members for a while, it's very useful for family days out x

    1. It really surprised us that almost everything seems to be closed for January, is that normal?


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