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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

DIY Project: Drinks Can Meths Stove

If you want a cheap, easy and super efficient camping stove that you can make yourself for pennies then this DIY project is for you! Perfect for Festivals, Rallies, Camping and Backpacking Adventures

I've been threatening for a while to do a DIY drinks can stove, and I did finally get round to it!

I went for the penny stove design in the end, tested this evening and it is pretty good for the minimal effort expended. They say a picture paints a thousand words so i'll show you step by step how I did it, there will be a link at the end explaining exactly what to do in each step, here we go:

surprisingly quick and easy to cut the pieces once you get the hang of it.

I cut it with a mini snap off blade, knocked the holes for the jet in with a small brass nail from a picture hook and then crimped with the pliers on the multitool. Then before I assembled it I just quickly ground the burrs off the underside of the jets with the dremel as I read online somewhere that it adversely affects the vapour flow.

et voila! 

onto the burn test....

Having not used one of these before I wasn't exactly sure how much meths it would hold, so may have been a bit over enthusiastic when I filled it! next time I'd put less as this much really wasn't necessary but at least it gave the stove a good test run.

The meths instantly took a flame and burst into life

This went for a couple of minutes before the priming flame died down and the jets ignited. I opted for 6 jets as it is easier to add more holes later than take them away! I think I will make one with many smaller jets to compare and see whether size or quantity is better for boiling water in my set up.

From the time of lighting, it had a continuous burn for around 30 minutes before extinguishing itself once the fuel had run out, and although it looks like a lot of meths it was the smallest splash, it barely looks like any has been used from the bottle.
Once I've made a pot stand at the correct height I'll play with a few other designs/jet configs to see what will boil water in a crusader cup quicker and keep you updated. I'd be interested to see how it performs against my bioethanol crusader cooker unit, a propane gas stove and the bog standard issue hexicooker. I'd like to make one from a smaller red bull can and see if it fits in the crusader base unit. I can see that this pennystove thing will consume me if I'm not careful! 

All in all there are a lot worse ways to spend an hour, its a cracking little stove that will cost most people a penny to make as there are cans everywhere waiting to be upcycled :)

I followed the instructions from this link, very good site, they touch on the size and number of jets in the FAQ:

DISCLAIMER - do as I say not as I do! it is a terrible idea to play with fire and drink alcohol at the same time, I am a delinquent and should not be emulated by anyone!
all joking aside, whilst I may find it amusing, if you cut off your arm, burn down your house or poison yourself on the fumes I take no responsibility, Darwin can take all of the credit for such events!!


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