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Monday, 28 September 2015

Sharpen Scissors - Quick Fix

Both of our businesses involve spending a large amount of time cutting fabric, and dull scissors are pretty much the bane of my life.

As some of you are probably well aware, A really quick way to get them making clean cuts once they start to lose their edge is to fold a sheet of tinfoil so it is several layers thick and cut the foil with the scissors and they'll be cutting like new again in no time. Try it out on an old pair of kitchen scissors and you won't be disappointed.

Another way to do it is to cut sandpaper folded so its rough both sides, but that is a much more abrasive method that shouldn't be necessary unless the scissors are totally blunt.

If you want REALLY sharp scissors then you can also sharpen them on the unglazed ring on an upturned ceramic mug, but that isn't quite as easy to do, and not everyone needs their scissors that sharp.


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