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Monday, 24 August 2015

Progress Update - August 2015

Hi Guys and Gals,
A quick update on how things are coming along now.
The shed has been build and painted now so we have some outdoor storage at last. My nan passed away and left a few garden tools behind so we are no longer trying to do everything with the same battered old shovel, I'm sure she would be proud that they are being put to good use.
We also got a water butt, although I haven't gotten around to feeding guttering from the shed to fill it up yet.

By the time we had gotten the raised beds set up we were sure that it was too late to grow most things this season, so considered it a bonus if anything managed to get to harvest before the frosts turn up and kibosh everything.

At the moment we have planted squash, pumpkin, courgette, marrow, beans, peas, leeks, cucamelon, spinach, carrot, parsley and some chilli plants I keep in the window at work.

The beans were the first to show their heads above ground and have climbed the netting really well and are just getting to the stage that we can start picking them:
Stringless red flowering runner beans
The peas however don't seem to have done quite so well, they have stopped growing at about 12" height and haven't produced many pods, perhaps because they were planted late or maybe because the foxes keep digging holes near them, maybe it damaged the roots:

The peas are Kelvedon Wonder,
the leaves seem quite "white", having never grown them before I have no idea if this is normal?
After the peas and beans got started there was an explosion of squash, pumpkin and marrow growth that threatened to colonise the entire garden and had to be beaten back in to the beds with the pruning shears. next time I will definitely put less seeds in to the bed! Alas a casualty of the vigorous marrows was the cucamelon, which didn't have a chance to break through before the leaves of the other plants smothered it, which is a shame as they were one of the things I was looking forward to, sod's law.
The Pumpkin patch, biding its time, waiting til our backs are turned so it can take over the world...
top marks for knowing if this is a courgette or a marrow, let us know in the comments as we are stumped! 

And in the 3rd bed we have Spinach, Carrots and Parsnip, kept prisoner in the maximum security facility to stop the foxes destroying them. When the carrots come through it's going to look a bit Orange is the new Black in there!

The 4th bed really was too late to plant anything in by the time the others had been sorted, so we have mulched with cardboard and it will be the first bed we plant in next year.

If you have any tips/tricks for around the garden or any advice then we'd love to hear from you in the comments, thanks for reading!


  1. Looking good, much more productive than I've been this year.

    1. it's been really hard as we only moved in less than a year ago and have had the birth of our daughter since then but finally starting to take shape, I think that next year will be when it really takes off, once we get our livestock it will really start to become more of a micro farm than a garden :)


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