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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Involving the Little Ones

It's really important to us that our children are hands on around the garden and learn the practical aspect to growing food and gardening, so we are always trying to find ways to involve them as much as possible.
When we moved all of the soil/compost into the back garden to go into the raised beds little Logan helped with his bucket and spade from the beach, and although he probably slowed me down if anything, he was so happy to help and proud to tell everyone he had helped Daddy dig that it was more than worth the slight delay.
Recently we've been getting a lot of sun and rain in succession, which has bought out the gardeners nemesis: Weeds!
Logan has been really excited that he gets to pull them out and put them in the composter and it has lead to the creation of a new game. I have made a deal with him that for every dandelion flower he picks I will give him a penny. Aside from hoping that this will stop most of them from spreading seeds, it is really helping Logan with his counting, both of the flowers and the money. Also it's giving him the idea that money is worth something and that if you want money to spend you have to work for it. I don't think we will ever just give him "pocket money", he will always have to work for the things he wants, whether it is helping to tidy the house, pull up the weeds or feed the quails(when we get them). So far he has earned about 40p this week from dandelions and says he doesn't want to buy sweets or toys with it, he wants to keep it until he has lots! I am already so proud of the boy that he is growing into at just under 3 years old, he really is my best friend and I hope that he always is.

If you have any fun ideas to get the kids involved in the garden or kitchen then we'd love to hear from you, thanks for reading



  1. It's great to get them involved. My girls love helping me in the garden but they've also got their own space that they can play I while I work. I love when people ask where food comes from because they never think to say shops they always say the garden!
    Lovely post btw.

    1. Thank you for the support Kev, We love your blog!
      I think there is no better childhood than one spent outdoors learning and playing at the same time :)


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