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Friday, 28 August 2015

Frugal Foods: Beef & Ale Pie

We love a bargain, and I'm sure most people do. Whenever we are in the supermarket, we always hunt down the corner where they bung all of the reduced foods and see what delights might lurk underneath the pot of organic hummus (who buys hummus when it's so cheap to make anyway?! But that's a different post entirely).

There's nothing wrong with the food that's been put in the reduced section, it's normally just fresh stuff that's near it's 'use by' or 'best before' date. Even if it's 'use by' is the day you purchase it, go home and freeze it and you can use it another day.

A few weekends ago we managed to bag a few packs of diced beef, marked down from nearly £4, to a tiny 50p each! Our best meaty bargain so far. I didn't need to use it straight away so into the freezer it went.

The last week the weather has turned miserable, raining, thunder storms, blustery winds...perfect pie weather if you ask me! So I dug out two packs of the diced beef and set about making a new recipe for me, Beef and Ale Pie.

I figured if I was going all out, I might as well make the pastry myself too, another first for me. Usually I'd buy a packet of pastry, but when all you need is flour, butter and water, which we all have at home, why pay money for it?

I was really impressed with the outcome! It cost us only £1 in meat and would usually have cost nearly £8. The pastry cost nothing as we had the bits in our store cupboard, it was only the cost of a few other ingredients, which were cheap enough. It fed us and Logan on Monday, and us three and my parents yesterday, so well worth the effort and small expense!

Whilst the pie was in the oven, I re-rolled out the scraps of pastry into a rough rectangle. I spread with marmite, sprinkled with grated cheese, folded in half and then cut into strips and twisted. Popped these in the oven too and got yummy little cheese twists with scraps destined for the bin. Logan loves them!

 If anyone would be interested in the recipe I can add it on here for you, let me know what you think!



  1. Love the wee twisty things, I used to do them with jam too when my two were wee. Can't beat a homemade pie, especially a bargain one.

  2. Jam sounds like a great idea! i'll definitely try that next time, I hadn't thought of doing a sweet version. Thanks for the great idea!


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