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Monday, 17 August 2015

A Broken Bolt & A Walk in the Woods

It's been a busy weekend for us. The kids were at Nanny and Grandads so we had the rare opportunity to both go out on the motorcycle together, and decided we wanted to go for a bike and hike in a nearby woods and have a picnic. However when I got home Friday it looked as though a shorn bolt on the bike was going to ruin our plans. So rather than an expensive trip to the mechanics to sort it out, I took the gear linkage off the bike and with the help of a good friend drilled out the offending bolt and repaired it myself in true F.A.S.T style. 
Another casualty of the day was that one of the saddlebags had slipped down and touched the exhaust, burning a hole straight through and melting any contents that didn't fall out on the road! I will at some point attempt to repair them too.
Once we finally got on the road, we had a great day out together hiking and our picnic had a view right out across the fields and forest with glimpses of the small village beyond through the trees, so peaceful and relaxed!
The blackberries were abundant on the fringes of the trail and were a sweet treat as we walked along.
The price of a picnic is such a small fraction of what it would have cost us to have a meal out at a restaurant, but is so much more satisfying being able to connect with nature. We hope your weekend went as well as ours in the end, thanks for reading this far!


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