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Friday, 18 May 2018

Tiny Vikings, Biker Parties, Divination and Tragedy

Welcome back for Five on Friday!

Thank you Gattina for letting me know the link hadn't posted correctly, I make the posts the day before and set them to automatically publish but every now and again something goes wrong, it is really helpful when people tell me otherwise I would be none the wiser!

Lets start this weeks Five off with a photo of Logan, wielding the wooden sword I made for him, wearing a Thor's hammer and holding the cutest little drinking horn ever!

My little Viking Son

Can you believe this image was removed from Instagram because they classed it as " Photos of partially nude children". I imagine some idiot didn't read the post and assumed he was a girl because of his long hair, it happens all the time and never gets any less irritating.

This week I've been out partying with the club again, here's a candid photo that Carly took of me just before we left

We were riding over to Elche to celebrate with another club called the MalaGente, which is Spanish for bad people. One of their guys got this awesome picture of our two clubs together, I think you can tell from the photo that they are not bad people at all, they are all really great guys and do a lot of work to stop animal cruelty and raise money for local animal shelters

Good Times with Bad People

It was a great party, we get on really well with the MalaGente so its always great going to visit them or bumping in to them at other clubs parties.

This next photo I took of the horn combs I designed for my shop Thor's Threads, but if you look in the background it is the tigers eye runes I was waiting for :)

Horn Combs and Rune Stones
I have been working a lot more with the runes, I think it is something that is easy to learn the basics and can take a lifetime to master but they are lots of fun to work with and learn as you go along, theyre essentially the Viking version of tarot cards.

Lastly I wanted to shared a small memorial piece that I made. One of my good friends recently lost his young daughter in a tragic event at the beach, you may have seen it on the news. Her name was Rose, I made this wooden holder so he will always have a place to light a candle for her

Such a tragedy, I cried for days when I found out. They say the Gods work in mysterious ways but I can never see why things like this happen. perhaps it is beyond mortal comprehension, all I know is that the world lost a beautiful young soul.

Thanks for stopping by for Five on Friday, please spare a prayer to your own God/Gods for this family, and hold your loved ones tighter for not everyone is so lucky.


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  1. What a beautiful picture of your son, so sad they way people think these days. The Malagente look like a nice bunch and anyone that helps animals is ok by me. I never judge a book by it's cover. So sad that a very young life has been lost but the candle holder you made is a truly caring gesture and very lovely.

  2. that is the saddest we always judge by the appearance..

  3. The candle holder is beautiful, such a loving tribute to Rose. I understand completely their heartbreak and sorrow. We lost a daughter to a tragic road accident and twenty years later we lost a granddaughter to a road accident. It never becomes 'easy' but as time goes on you learn how to accept and handle it better. Sending them much love.

  4. This time it's even worse you didn't write anything, lol ! Never mind with Instagram and your son ! I had something even worse. I put a picture of Manneken Pis (Brussels' symbol known worldwide but not by Americans apparently) on my blog and it was also removed. Pay attention to Greek statues they are also naked !!

  5. Not sure where I was last week!!!! :-( Loved seeing Logan as Thor! So cute! Your biker's group looks like a great bunch of guys, and working to support the animal shelter is so cool. Loved the memorial for Rose...what a sad event! So sorry for the family having to go through this!

  6. I'm sad to read about Rose. That's a nice memorial.


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