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Friday, 11 May 2018

Summer Storms, Dragon Daggers and Burnt Beads

This week has been a bit of a wash out, it feels like winter has crept back to catch us all off guard! Last week I was in a vest and shorts busy getting sunburnt and this week I'm wrapped up in my thickest jumper trying to dodge the thunderstorms!

I can't complain, the land here can always use some extra moisture and I'm hoping that the extraordinary amount of rain we have had this winter will mean that there will be a bumper harvest this year. In the mean time it has given me the chance to finish a few wood burning projects that I've been working on recently.

I finished my second Athame project, the client that commissioned this one wanted a red dragonscale effect for the handle, here is my take on it:

Handmande Red Dragon Scale Athame

The texture is all burnt into the wood, the handle is inlaid with Onyx gemstones and the bindrune on the blade is also burnt into the Athame. A bindrune is a collection of runestaves used together to create a more powerful talisman, the one used here is an ancient bindrune called the Dragon Tree, it represents the world tree and links the earth with the upper and under worlds. If you look closely you'll see that all the runestones laid out around the knife in this picture can be found within the Dragon Tree bindrune. This athame sold on instagram for $75 and was one of my favourite projects to work on so far.

My next project was more fitness oriented, I have been watching a lot of people take up "Mace Training" to improve their strength and fitness, which essentially involves wielding a heavy steel ball on a stick instead of traditional weights. These maces can cost hundreds to purchase, and if you read this blog you know that I'm all about DIY solutions! So for the princely sum of 3 Euros I made my own. Using an ordinary broomstick, a few screws, an old bag of concrete and a flowerpot I now have my very own mace. You can tell I've had some time on my hands because I've already started to decorate it with some woodburning haha

"Werewolf" Training Mace

I may have gone a little overboard with this mace though, this one weighs in at 10.7kg so I may have to make a slightly lighter one to build myself up to this bigger one. Most of the pro mace trainers use between 6 - 9kg!

It seems like whenever I have any free time to myself I revert to carving beads. One of the dangerous things about being a creative type of person is that you start combining things you like to do, so now instead of spending an hour carving a bead, I end up spending an hour carving one and then another hour pyrographing it! Here's a peek at a few I made this week, these ones are only about 20mm big so were quite a challenge to burn anything worthwhile onto such small beads, they are being sent to a model in the US that I am working with to showcase some of my work :)

Handmade wooden beads

The top two are olive wood and the bottom two are mountain pine. I toyed with the idea of staining them but the problem is when people wear these in their hair they don't tend to take them out to shower, which means the shampoo ends up fading the colour over time which is why I decided to leave them natural.

Frustrated at not being able to stain the beads I went overboard and dyed one of my knives green!

It's an old Opinel no.7 that I've had sitting in one of my bags for a year or two, I decided that if I made it a bit better looking I might start using it more so I burnt the scales into the handle and dyed the handle to make it a snakey yellow/green and renamed it the Snake-inel :)

With all the burning activity going on I almost forgot to tell you about the combs! A couple of months ago I started to design my own combs and they are finally finished and listed in my shop. They are handmade from natural buffalo horn and I am totally in love with them:

Mjolnir Thor's Hamer Comb
Viking Horn Combs
Based on authentic historic finds and with the Thor's Hammer cut out of the middle this could be the birth of the ultimate Viking comb. So happy with how they came out, I think these might be my favourite item of all time.

Thanks for swinging by once again for Five on Friday, We hope you have a blessed weekend!


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  1. LOVE the red dragon scale and also the green designs on both pieces! We love to watch knife-making shows on TV, and often the scales for them are made of such interesting materials! Your beads and combs are really neat too. That mace looks a little scary! :-) Hey, we need to find you some new contributors to Five on Friday!

  2. Wow, you are super creative! I've not heard of mace training but it sounds interesting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I can't see the link for this week !


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