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Friday, 2 March 2018

Good News

Two months after suffering a broken neck, last week the mother in law was able to remove her neck brace! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

There's still quite a way to go on the road to recovery but we are very hopeful that with physiotherapy she will make a full recovery with no permanent damage, thank the gods!

In other news our two tiny Rescue Puppies are now 7 months old and not so tiny any more!

Sacha and Astrid
They are such a massive part of the family now I honestly can't imagine life without them any more.

Walking the dogs in the rain
I've been just a little envious of all the snow that folks are getting back home in the UK, all we have had is clouds and a bit of rain. I never thought I'd miss the British weather!

Being out and about with the dogs does have it's advantages. A few months ago whilst walking in the mountains I came across a gift from the gods, a wild boar that had fallen from the rocks and died. It was in a secluded spot so I was patient, I let nature do it's thing and today I claimed the jawbone for myself. Since the boar is a symbol of the viking god Freyr I will incorporate it into a fittin project to honour him.

The Jawbone of a Wild Boar
I'm not sure what I will do with it yet. perhaps I'll pull the teeth and craft them into a ceremonial necklace or maybe I'll use half of the jaw as the handle for a ritual knife, or perhaps some other inspiration will strike me.

Recently I was commissioned to carve a wooden toggle for a Tafl set with the runes for TAFL burnt in to it, here's a snap of it on top of the decorative box I made recently:

Tafl toggle on top of my decorative box
 Speaking of boxes, I liked the first one I did so much that I have started a slightly more intricate one. So far I've put a couple of hours into it but I'm already very happy with how it's going.

Second attempt at a viking trinket box
Once the knotwork is finished I'll put some sort of symbol and slogan in the middle, stain the whole thing and probably line the inside with velvet again.  So as you can see I'm keeping myself busy while the weather is not so great!

Thanks for stopping by once again for Five on Friday, We hope your weekend is as amazing as you are!


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  1. That's good news that she is now out of brace...

  2. Very good news Tricky. I thought I was late for the link-up but I think I may be early! Have a good weekend, Cathy x

  3. Great news that she's out of the brace and on her way to a full recovery! Cute puppies even if they aren't very tiny any more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. So glad to hear about MIL, what a relief for her. Things can start moving on for you now. Love the boxes you are making, beautiful.

  5. I had missed this Five on Friday somehow and was coming over to thank you for your comment on my post about the kids' Tin Pig! I hope you are all doing well, and I can't wait to see the progress on the house! So happy your mother-in-law is healing fast and well! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this jawbone. Love the toggle. You are such a talented young man! I will let you know about the patches...I had thought I might get them made for the opening, but will probably have to wait till later this year. All my best!

  6. Oh my, a broken neck. That would be scary so you've got good news indeed! I hope she continues with a fast recovery. Love your box.

  7. That is, indeed, good news!


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