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Friday, 8 December 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Hello and welcome weary travelers to today's Five on Friday!

Most people imagine Spain as the warm Sun, Sea and Sand Coatsal destination of the summer. The other side of coin of course is the mountainous inland regions like the one we live in. This week we've had temperatures of -10' Celsius so I've finally had to put away the tshirt and shorts!

Heavy frost down at the coop
The frost has been so harsh that most mornings it has looked like snow on the ground down at the chicken coop. The hen house girls don't seem to mind and have be their usual selves getting up to all the same antics they usually do. We very nearly ended up with 4 new chickens and 3 new ducks that needed rehoming, I just can't say no to animals, luckily they were rescued by someone else locally though.

I bought myself a new bag in the recent 11.11 Aliexpress sales, I specifically wanted a nice little canvas rucksack to use as our day pack when we go on our hikes. I ended up getting this chocolate brown bag, canvas and leather with metal hardwear so it should last a good long time and will be easy enough for me to repair if ever it needs it. I've customised it a bit with some of the adventure patches from Thor's Threads Embroidery Emporium to make it more unique to me and I have a few ideas of other things I'd like to do to make it really a one of a kind bit of kit

Canvas Day Pack
Of course the cold weather hasn't stopped us from spending time enjoying the outdoors, it warms up briefly around midday so we've still had chance to get out and about in nature :)

Aurora the Explorer
My daughter, Aurora the Explorer. One of the most amazing people I've ever met. At 2 years old she's absolutely fearless and tough as old boots. She will never be told that she shouldn't do something or that she can't because she is a girl, she can be exactly the person she wants to be. As a result she is fierce and brave and beautiful, she runs with wolves and dances to the beat of her own drum.

Of course since we rescued two puppies from an abusive home we have had no choice but to venture outdoors come rain or shine to make sure they get their exercise. This does have its advantages of course, although it may be cold, wet and dark sometimes it's worth it for the times that we get to enjoy the amazing mountain sunsets.

Sunset in the mountains

After a long hard walk in the cold there is nothing better than coming back into a nice warm house (Thanks to our home made wood burning stove) and putting your feet up. I think it's safe to say that the dogs agree! here they are doing their best impression of being hit by a car I think!
I promise they are both genuinely alive and well!

Thanks for joining us once again for Five on Friday, We hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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  1. Love Aurora the Explorer! She's going to grab the world with both hands, and that's awesome! "The hen house girls"...a funny expression for the chickens, and I loved it. very nice bag, and so nice you are getting some cold weather. Really enjoyed your Five!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, I keep 5 on Friday going for the awesome people like you that get involved :)
      Hope you have an amazing weekend x

  2. Nice looking dogs 🐶 . No household should be without dogs. Cold here in the Smokey Mountains. We were snowed in for three days and the generator quit, just after the grid went down. Not fun.

    I liked that picture of your daughter. Mine is all grown now but she was like that as a kid.


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