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Friday, 10 November 2017

Make Your Own Furniture

This week we've been playing with pallets again and I can't wait to share our latest project with you:

DIY Pallet Sofa
The furniture in the cave house was possibly the most uncomfortable thing I've ever known, I seriously think it would have been more comfortable to just sit on the tiles! So we decided that we had nothing to lose by trying our hand at making some furniture up. At the moment all spare money is going towards the design and build of our dream house, so we needed a low cost furniture solution.
Since we are able to source pallets locally and cheaply it made sense for us to see what we could come up with utilising reclaimed pallets.

Basic Pallet Sofa Design
After a little trial and error we came up with a size and angle of sofa that worked well for us and put together the first unit in the photo above. Our living room is pretty long and to get a sofa to fit the length of it would have without a doubt cost us a couple of thousand or more, whereas our pallet sofa came in at a fraction of that cost.

Furniture Grade Upholstery Foam
Luckily for us, a few weeks ago we bought a second hand industrial sewing machine and met a lovely couple that run an upholstery company. They kindly agreed to source furniture grade upholstery foam for us to use for this project so we got the right stuff for the job. Most of the budget for the sofa was spent on the foam, but since that is what gives most of the comfort we felt that it was a necessary expense. We used six inch foam for the seats and four inch foam for the backs of the sofa.

Shabby Chic Pallet Furniture
The next stage was to paint the units. We went for a basic cheap white emulsion and painted it by hand with a brush to give it the shabby chic look that we were going for then sprayed it with a coat of lacquer to finish.

Painted DIY Pallet Sofa
Once the units were all fixed together in place it was time for the cushions. Carly found some designer heavy upholstery fabric in an online clearance section at Textile Express and we are blessed that the girls are wizards on the sewing machines so were able to make the cushion covers completely from scratch.

Pallet Furniture With Cushions

Pallet Chair With Cushion Back
The result is the most comfortable sofa I've ever sat on! At 3.5m long we would have struggled to get anything "off the shelf" that would fit and it would have cost an absolute fortune to have anything custom made. For just under 300 euros and a lot of elbow grease we now have a sofa that is a pleasure to sit on, here it is in all of it's glory:

DIY Pallet Sofa Project
And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there's more! The cushions we designed to be reversible so we have the option of switching between a Petrol Blue or Heather Pink Sofa just by flipping the cushions over! How cool is that?

Reversible Pallet Sofa

Reversible Pallet Sofa Cushions
We've already had someone ask if we can make them a couple of pallet furniture armchairs so while we are waiting to build the house we might start making a bit of pallet furniture on the side to keep us busy :)

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks Five on Friday, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend


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  1. congratulations !! It looks perfect and very nice ! Very good job !

  2. You continue to stun me with your craftmanship. This is fabulous. I love what you can do with pallet wood :D

    Thanks for being so inspirational. And for hosting the blog hop.

    Art Always!

    Best wishes,

  3. Fantastic! I've always had a thing for pallet furniture and you sure did a great job! Thanks for hosting Five on Friday! :)

  4. WOW, amazing what you've made from pallets. They look GREAT

  5. Absolutely wonderful! You two are so clever! Just love this innovative design and the craftsmanship looks great too. I think you SHOULD sell some pallet furniture after you get into the house!

    I'm linking a bit late this week.

  6. Great looking sofa, it looks very comfortable as well. Love the idea of the reversible cushions.

  7. i love your sofa. i would like to have one of my one, but my hubby didn't. hope I can make one for outside :)
    have i nice weekend

  8. Shabby Chic is my favorite. Great job! It looks fabulous! And I bet you don't need anything to keep you busy! But nice of you to build furniture for others. Could be a new business?!?!!


  9. It's a great Idea.. you did an incredible job...


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