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Friday, 17 November 2017

Fast Family

Five on Friday!
This weekend one of my younger brothers is coming to visit! I haven't seen him for almost 10 years now, which means he's never met his niece and nephew. So on the theme of catching up with family I realised that it's been a while since I did a general catch up post so here's some of my favourite photos from this week:

Sibling Love

As usual we've been venturing outdoors a lot. It's starting to get cooler here now which means we can finally wear jackets when we go out, although it's not quite cold enough for coats yet. The kids seem to be growing up so fast! You can see in Logan's hand that he has been carrying his Kidizoom camera when we go for our hikes. He's started to really show an interest in photography and to be fair to him for a 5 year old he's really good at it. For example this next photo of me was actually taken by Logan!

Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace?
I'm so proud of this photo. This is a glimpse at the world through his eyes, the places I take him and the skills I teach him. I could not be prouder of the person he is becoming, a well rounded warrior that is as kind and gentle as he is fierce and strong. The world needs more boys like him. My ambition in life is to be half the man that my son will become, he will never be my competition because he is my legacy. Logan also took this next photo:

Daddy and Rori cuddle time

Aurora was starting to get tired, so we stopped for a quick cuddle and rest and Logan snapped the photo. Rori does so well when she comes out with us and is an amazing hiker for a 2 year old, she loves being out in the wild, discovering wildlife and playing in nature. After a while we stopped to brew up a nice hot drink

Hornimans Choco Mint Tea

The choice of brew this time was a choco mint tea, it's usually either Choco mint or Lemon cake tea that we have on our outings, I usually take both and let the kids pick what they want while we wait for the stove to boil. They taste great on their own and mean that we don't have to carry milk or sugar etc.

Aurora and Logan
When I see my children enjoying the vast outdoor spaces on our doorstep I know we made the right choice leaving the UK. Children don't need to be chained to a desk under artificial lights for hours on end, they need to be climbing trees and grazing knees in the wild. We're not creating worker drones here, we're raising real people, future adults that already make me immensely proud. My children are my life's greatest achievement and always will be.

Thanks for joining us once again for Five on Friday, We hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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  1. When I read your post I thought you talk exactly as my son and my little grandson is also great in taking pictures, but he has a photographer as dad. Yes when you are young parents it's all so nice to make plans and then it comes completely different, which doesn't mean that I am very proud of my son !

  2. im afraid we are viewed as a family of freaks because grandson doesnt have a telly of his own and sit in his bedroom playing endless games , hes a very just william child , up trees , keeps bugs and digging holes the world is one big play area if you just let them free . Latest school horror story , we walked home the other night in the pitch black down an unlit lane with just a head torch its only a couple of miles ....see misfits and freaks thats

  3. Your son does indeed show a lot of talent. You're wise to encourage him to explore many things. You are such a great dad and I just loved this post.
    Always enjoyable to see kids with such caring parents.

  4. The children are absolutely precious! Logan is quite a wonderful photographer. How awesome he is being encouraged in this interest. I loved seeing the photos of the kids and of you, and the beautiful scenery!

  5. Your son took some stunning photos! Looks like such a great time outside. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your brother, wow almost 10 years is a long time.

  6. Great photos, very sunny looking too. Today at 0* I had to scrape the ice off the car windows in Lincolnshire UK, brrr! It was sunny and by lunchtime after shopping and visiting a friend, the temperature rose steadily to the dizzy heights of 7*. Enjoy the weekend. Cathy.

  7. The war with the digital devices continues in this house. We live in suburbia, so no wonderful hills or beach to clamber over, but that is no excuse as such things are only a few kilometres away and I have a car! I also have lazy. But yes, I'm with you on the wilderness, despite being too much of a wimp to live in it, we do get out when the weather permits and I make sure we have a connection with the natural world and the ecosystems around us.

    You have some gorgeous scenery in these shots and they inspire me to wander our hills. And kids do grow up fast, but you don't realise it so much until they've already done it - mine were little like that and now when they jump on me breathing is negotiable.

    I hope you have a great time with your brother. And yay for all kinds of art being taught to youngun's :D

    I was a little fascinated by taking tea with you on walking trips. My grandparents used to get out a keroburner and make traditional tea when we went on picnics when I was little, but I have never taken tea with us. I'm thinking this is a temperature difference? It is usually more hot than cold here, unless we're in the middle of winter and being rained on. Or it could simply be that I obviously don't walk far enough, even in winter :D

    Thank you for such a lovely snapshot of your life. It looks wonderful and I hope it continues in that direction.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Best wishes,


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