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Friday, 27 October 2017

Five Years Young

Today is a very special Five on Friday as tomorrow there will be another five, tomorrow is Logan's fifth birthday!

It is hard to believe that this marks five years of me being a father. They always say kids grow up so fast and it's certainly true. It seems like only yesterday that I could hold him in one hand and now he's half as tall as me!

Logan has been in the UK with Carly for the last week because for his birthday he asked if he could visit the natural history museum to see the dinosaur exhibits, since it was such an awesome and educational request we couldn't say no. I stayed at home with the Father-in-law, Aurora and the dogs while Logan, Carly and Diane (MIL) went on their UK adventure for a week. They got back yesterday evening so I really didn't get a chance to put together much of a post I'm afraid, but here's 5 photos of our soon to be 5 yr old that I took recently and absolutely love

Toasting marshmallows on the campfire
Climbing trees with his sister

Chilling in the hammock with Dadda
Dressing up as Pirates
Adventures in the mountains

Tomorrow we are having a party in the village for his birthday, because its so close to Halloween we always do spooky fancy dress and he begs us every year to do a halloween theme party again so its pretty much a family tradition now, now doubt i'll be sharing photos of the festivities with everyone next week.

Thanks or joining us once again for Five on Friday, Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I visited this Expo in Brussels with my 6 year old grandson, he absolutely loved it and now has a whole herd of dinos. I was the whole week in Amstrdam, he has school holidays and I played body guard in November he will be seven. Yes time flies by !

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday to your son! Five is a fun age :) Hope he has a wonderful celebration and you have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos of your lovely children. Belated Birthday wishes to the Birthday boy.

  4. Aww!! Happy birthday Logan.... enjoy a lot..

  5. When each of our three kids turned five I always sang him or her this song by Barbra Streisand. Here's the link to the YOU TUBE version. I hope Logan likes it even though she sings, I'm a big GIRL now I'm five. My kids always loved it.Logan is a very handsome boy! Happy Birthday to him!
    Five was always my favorite age with my children. Five was just wonderful.

  6. You and your wife are good parents. When the kids grow up and move off, you'll be bewildered at how fast it all goes by. I always thought my two would stay here in the mountains. I sent them to Canada , to Vancouver, for their advanced education and I think that's where I went wrong. The mountains were too quiet and dull for them after that. :-(

  7. Happy Birthday to your son. I just found your blog and love it! I missed the Friday Five this week but have added you to my list, and plan to play along in the future :)


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