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Friday, 20 October 2017

First Camping Trip

Friday Blessings Happy Campers! Welcome back once again for Five on Friday

As you know the other week I did an overnight camp in the mountains with my motorcycle club brothers. After seeing the photos Logan wouldn't stop asking me if he could come camping with me. He's only 4 years old so I wasn't sure if he was totally ready to spend a night outdoors but I will never hold my children back from their aspirations so we set a date and made it happen.

We went down to our land the day before we were due to camp and took some tools to level off a pitch for the tent, I wanted to make sure Logan was involved in all of this to get him used to the site and the idea of camping.
Logan working hard
After a while we had cleared a perfect spot for our tent and a little pathway to the firepit so that he wouldn't be tripping up all night. Then we went home to pack up ready for our adventure!

Logan beside the firepit 
The next day we came back about an hour before the sun was due to set, got the tent up and made ourselves at home. Always make sure your tent is upwind of your fire folks :)

Tent Life
Of course no camping trip would be complete without the age old tradition of toasting marshmallows on the fire, Logan took to it like a pro and we had the best time sitting around the fire chatting and making memories.

toasting marshmallows on the camp fire
I think there is definitely something very primal about sitting around the camp fire, enjoying food and drink and sharing stories with your tribe, I feel a deep connection with our ancestors whenever I get the chance to partake in this sort of activity outdoors.

Our humble little campfire
Then as is started to get dark we watched the fire go down to embers and retreated to the tent. Now was the time to allow modern technology to make the experience even better. Since it was Logan's first ever time camping out I wanted to make sure he didn't feel uncomfortable or scared, so I took the laptop along in our pack and when night fell we cuddled up in the tent, watching Minions and eating tasty snacks.

Camping, Crisps and Minions, the perfect combination!
When the movie finished we snuggled down and went to sleep. At around 1am I was woken by dogs barking in the nearby village and then the sound of animals charging towards the tent as what sounded like 3 wild boar thundered up to the tent, squealed a bit and ran away. Logan remained asleep and blissfully unaware that he came very close to seeing his Dadda have a knife fight with the three little pigs! All I wanted to do was wave a torch and shout to scare them off but didn't want to scare Logan on his first night camping so I stayed silent and let them move on in their own time, albeit gripping the handle of a 14" Bowie knife just in case!

Camping tradition
In the morning Logan was really excited to have bean sandwiches for breakfast so we brewed up some choco-mint tea and cooked the beans in an oldschool set of mess tins that I have had since I was a teenager, still my favourite cook set after all these years!

As a kid I never got to go camping with my Dad (my parents separated when I was Logan's age) so it filled me with joy to be able to share my love of the outdoors with my son and give him the memories that I never had, I'm sure he will treasure these moments for a lifetime. What memories of camping do you have?

Thanks for stopping by for this weeks Five on Friday, We wish you a wonderful weekend!


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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. The place is amazing and the fire looks really warm. I could have your breakfast too :))
    My memories of camping arn't so good. After an exhausting day at a car ralley in the middle of nowhere we stayed near a forest. In the middle of night it started to rain and all the water floods the tend. We were so wet.... and desided to quit.
    afters this I never slept in a tent :)

  2. What a nice adventure for Logan ! My son always goes camping with his family because he loves it. He could afford a 5 * hotel but loves his camping. My DIL too, Toby I am not so sure.

  3. This is brilliant Tricky! I am so glad Logan and you enjoyed your first camping adventure together. Wild boar can be really frightening, just as well Logan slept through the encounter. I never went camping as a child but often wished I did, seeing other children go on camping holidays with their parents. We go camping regularly now with all four kids in tow. I think the first time we stayed in a tent (on a nice campsite), Annie was one and kept on crawling away :-) but it was safe enough. We go camping with other families, which makes the adventure all the more special, the kids are feral for a few days and the adults reminisce about the olden golden times around the fire. Have a good weekend.

  4. Looks like lots of fun! Glad he slept through the noises and encounters, scary stuff. I only recently went camping for the first time (at a campground) and unfortunately, it RAINED and our tent leaked. Didn't leave me itching to try it again but maybe some day. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Oh how I loved every minute of this post! Logan looks like he is in "hog heaven" happiness! How sweet to have this special time with your son. Glad he didn't wake up when the pigs ran close to the tent! He will remember his first camping trip with Dad forever! We took our grandson on a camping trip once when he was a little bit older than Logan. He called it "tenting" and always asked when we were going to do it again.

  6. You're a good dad. Kids need to go camping. My wife and I took ours camping, although after many years in the Marine Corps, I had little interest in tents and living in the dirt. It's a part of parenting that's important.

  7. My memories of camping with my dear husband and three kids are very precious. The kids all agree with us when we say that those were the happiest moments of their childhood. Keep it up, Tricky! Take those kids camping often.

  8. I remember the last 'tenting holiday' we had in England in 1964. We drove all the way from N. Manchester to Hastings. Mum, dad, 5 kids, the oldest 15 years and the youngest 6 weeks old!! We camped in a farmers field in a big old army tent, it rained all night and we all complained about the ground being lumpy. When we got up the next morning the field was full of mole hills!!

  9. We always camped in the summer hols each year. It was ok but I enjoy camping with my own family now. We've camped in many things, a caravan a trailer tent and now back to a caravan. I have camped in a tent many many yrs ago but... I don't want to be sleeping on the ground anymore. Yes I agree with others, camping with friends is much better or a festival type meet up. Have a good weekend, Cathy.

  10. Oh my gosh what a fun time for Logan! You're the best to take him camping. My niece wanted to go camping on our land about the same age. We set up the tent, got the fire going, etc. etc. We were there about half an hour and she got scared and we went home! (I just looked it up on my blog and read about it again. So funny. What a memory.) Our family went camping ALL THE TIME growing up. I did it for several years as an adult. I now have a camper, in our woods, Coral Belle, that I've stayed in once. Maybe next year.


    PS I'm planning to join Five on Friday next week.

  11. Love this. I still haven't taken mine camping and i feel so guilty for it. I promised them this summer as well but time slipped away! Something I must do. I think they'd love it. Looked like you guys had a blast as Well. Get yourself a big Dutch oven, great for slow stews over the fire.


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